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Marble City Petsitting

The Benefits of Using a Pet Sitter

Americans have a love affair with their pets as evidenced by the approximately 80 million homes in our nation that own dogs, cats, and other pets.  Their unconditional love and loyalty earn a special place in our hearts and our families.

Our affection for our pets is often complicated when we travel and are confronted with the choices of how or where to board them.  Our choices are a boarding kennel, a friend or relative’s home, or pet sitters.

Benefits of an at-home pet sitting service include remaining in a known safe and secure environment and being surrounded by familiar sights, sounds, smells., and routines. A successful at-home pet sitting experience is largely dependent on the quality of the pet sitter you select.  That’s precisely why local entrepreneurs and friends, Miriam Wilson and Katharine Karter, launched East Tennessee’s premier at-home pet sitting service.

“We have combined our nearly four decades of veterinary and practical experience to offer pet owners a level of expertise not often found in at-home pet sitting services,” said Miriam.  “I have a degree in Veterinary Technology from LMU, and my experience has included intensive care, emergency, teaching, radiology, kennel, and general practice. Katharine’s expertise is  in the areas of kennel management,  cat rescue, and bird care.”

Marble City Petsitting is not only unique in the love they share for your pets. Miriam and Katharine’s veterinary experience allows them to respond proactively to unforeseen situations that can occur while you’re away from home.  Services they provide include:

» Routine pet care

» Walking, exercise & playtime

» Transportation (vet, grooming, bathing, training appointments)

» Liaison (vet, groomer, bather, trainer)

» Field trips (dog park, pet store, training classes, play dates)

» Nail trims

» Belly rubs & companionship

» Puppy support : playtime, exercise, socialization, training

» Prescribed medications & treatments

» Emergency support

» The not-so-routine special care you provide and want  duplicated while you are away: Katharine and Miriam have walked dogs at sunrise, injected medications into blueberries that had to be tossed and caught, tucked dogs in with stories or Animal Planet channel, sent short clips of cats chasing a laser, walked cats on harnesses, comforted dogs who are afraid of thunder, and all that comes with pet life, from neonatal  to hospice care.

If an upcoming trip, vacation, or other plans call for an at-home pet sitter, trust the service that combines decades of veterinary nursing and kennel experience with a level of care for your dog or cat that is second only to your own.

Marble City Petsitting


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