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Her Majesty Boutique

One of the latest and most exciting new business launches to take place in the historic shopping district in Sweetwater, Tennessee, is Her Majesty Boutique, the creation of Ashley Ingram, a 26-year-old entrepreneur and Sweetwater native. If Ashley’s name sounds familiar to you, that’s because she was our former Miss Tennessee United States in 2012 and is the current reigning Ms. Tennessee United States.

Ashley’s dreams of owning her own boutique go back to her high school years and her time at Tennessee Wesleyan University, where she earned her bachelor’s degree in business in 2014. Her natural disposition for competition found in the pageants she has competed in, and continues to compete in today, has helped Ashley prepare for the rigors of entrepreneurship and the competition found in the retail business world.

Her dream of small business ownership came to life in 2016 when Her Majesty Boutique was launched as an online boutique and less than a year later as both an online and brick and mortar retail boutique, which is located in one of downtown Sweetwater’s most historic buildings, the Carter Brick Mason Building, at 111 N. Main Street. Her Majesty Boutique can be found on the building’s second floor, Suite D.

Ashley’s goal is to bring affordable mainstream fashion to Main Street in the town she grew up in. Customers genuinely appreciate Ashley’s natural flair for fashion that she has learned firsthand from her years of pageant experience and that allows her to help each of her customers to both look and feel like a queen when they leave her boutique.

Inside the boutique, you will discover a selection of stylish and trendy, yet affordable, apparel lines from designers that Ashley has discovered personally. You will also find ladies’ accessories, including designer-inspired jewelry and handbags, as well as a large selection of gifts for all occasions. Also, be sure to check out the boutique’s newest addition – the cutest and most affordable baby clothing you’re likely to find anywhere.

Her Majesty Boutique
111 N. Main Street, Suite D
Sweetwater, TN 37874

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