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Top Closet Trends in 2018

Just like clothes and home décor go through style changes, so do walk-in master closets.   Homeowners not only want to be organized, but they want this very personal space to reflect their individual taste.  As homeowners renovate or build new houses with larger closets, there are current key features and style trends being incorporated that balance style with functionality.

Make Sure the Shoe Fits

Gone are the days when dusty shoes are piled on the floor and you were constantly bending over to get them.  Today’s closets have dedicated shoe shelving – even shoe walls – designed to maximize specific shoe needs.  Not only are the shoes easy to see, but the shelving can be adjustable for various heel heights and boots.  Shoe shelving is literally a time and energy saving feature.  Because each pair of shoes has a space, it also helps extend the lifespan of many shoes.

It’s About Drawers

Homeowners are minimizing the amount of furniture in the master bedroom, so drawers have become a must in closets to provide more out-of-sight storage.  To hold up to daily use, quality drawers are very important.  A drawer box with dovetail corner joints, high-quality chrome slides, and full-extension are a must.  Flat drawer fronts are the least expensive style and can be dressed up with handles.  Think of it as jewelry for a drawer!

Mix It Up

Mixed media finishes are popular in the closet, as well as the rest of the house.  People are mixing textures, hardware finishes, and colors.  For example, a closet using a matte gray finish will incorporate high-gloss gray drawer fronts to give the space a more contemporary, clean feel.

Keep It Bright

From the kitchen to the closet, white is in.  From a traditional matte white finish to white wood grain, these colors also help a closet look and feel larger.  Additionally, chandeliers continue to be popular in closets.  Chandeliers not only provide much-needed lighting, but they set the tone for the space.  Even in smaller closets homeowners are investing in good LED lighting.  Admit it, we’ve all put on one navy blue shoe and one black shoe because of a dimly lit closet!

No matter what style you want in your master closet, a custom design should always be extremely functional and maximize storage as it is beautiful!

Tailored Living of Knoxville provides whole-home organization with complimentary on-site consultations and 3D designs.  Most of all, from the owners to the employees, Tailored Living maintains a sharp focus on providing excelling customer service and quality products.

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