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Designing a Great Laundry Room

Does your laundry room have a “Caution, Do Not Enter” sign on the door? A good, working laundry room should not be closed off from the rest of the home, but open for use.

Laundry rooms should have the same attention to detail as other rooms in the home. After all, work is more pleasant when you enjoy being in the space. A well-organized laundry room also allows family and guests to help themselves when needed.

Just like any organizing project, start by discarding what is no longer needed or wanted. Then send those items that should be elsewhere in the home on their way. Now you are starting with a blank canvas to design a room that is aesthetic and functional.

Create “zones” for various chores. These include guest supplies, house cleaning, laundry, linens, ironing, and even entertaining. When we design spaces, we ask questions to define your needs. Are drawers needed for smaller items? Do some shelves need to be deeper than others? What is going in the space?

A well-designed laundry room makes delegating easy. Kids can help by folding clothes if there is a space dedicated for doing so. A drying rod can handle delicate items after they are removed from the washer, helping decrease the “chore” of laundry.

Staying organized will help you focus on enjoying your family, friends, and fun during the holidays and all seasons of the year. Overnight guests tend to feel more welcomed if they are invited to help themselves when in need of more towels, soap, or tissue. If your area just doesn’t seem to work for you, think about creating a blank canvas to paint an organized home for your family.

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Closets by McKenry

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