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A Life’s Lesson I’ll Never Forget

By Justin Goodbread, Certified Financial Planner™

I guess it wasn’t a total surprise when, in 2005, my mom and dad asked me to help them put together a financial plan to help them secure their retirement dreams. After all, I’m a Certified Financial Planner™ (CFP).

In my career, it wasn’t unusual to share in the grief of my clients who experienced personal losses, but nothing could prepare me for my father’s (we called him Pops) totally unexpected death on October 20, 2016, at age 62. I still can’t describe the emotional roller coaster I’ve experienced. As the grieving and healing continue, as a family, we are grateful for the foresight that my parents demonstrated, putting into place 12 years ago a plan designed to protect themselves and their loved ones from life’s uncertainties.

I wish I could encourage everyone who reads this article to put a comprehensive plan into place for their family to provide for not only retirement, but life’s unexpected twists and turns as well. Unfortunately, too many people postpone planning. Maybe they think that they’re too young, or perhaps they’re uncomfortable confronting their own mortality. I believe that many people don’t have someone to confide in that they feel they can trust. Regardless of the reason, the lack of a comprehensive financial plan for the future can make life’s uncertainties even more devastating.

At only 59 years old, Mom will likely enjoy many more productive years surrounded by her three children and 11 grandbabies. Fortunately, the decisions Mom and Pops made in 2005 will permit my mom to continue to live comfortably in retirement and will not necessitate having to return to the workplace as so many other spouses have had to do to make ends meet.

I, as I am sure so many of you were, was very moved when a member of the Reagan family shared with all of us the love letters that the former president wrote to his wife, Nancy. My pops’ love letter to Mom and his legacy to his children and grandchildren, and I hope you, too, is to demonstrate our love for our families by carefully providing for their futures. Despite his relatively young age and totally unexpected passing from a massive heart attack, I am confident that Pops achieved the peace of mind that we all search for in life, knowing that we have provided for those we love the most.

Comprehensive wealth planning is not something reserved for the mega-wealthy. That’s a common misconception. Mom and Pops were middle-class Americans. They never owned new automobiles or lived in fancy homes. Their real wealth came from their love for each other and their family. Their goal was to live a life free from the worry of money or the prospect of outliving their retirement nest egg.

My dad’s passing has given me a renewed passion. The comprehensive wealth plans I create for individuals and families are far more than mere forms and spreadsheets. I am confident that what I have experienced firsthand with Pops’ loss provides me with even greater insight to be able to help you and your family navigate life’s uncertainties.

With the beginning of a new year, why not thank the Lord for all of your blessings? As a resolution for 2017, I would like to encourage you to put a comprehensive wealth plan into place to provide for those you care about the most. Please feel free to contact me for assistance. Stop rolling the dice.

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