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Breaking Out in 2017

By Tom Irmen

Small business success does not result from merely being in business. Not a spectator sport, success in small business requires that you be on the playing field, actively engaged in providing a quality product or service and differentiating your business from those that you compete with.

Small business ownership isn’t for the timid as the last decade has proven. And we must all remain vigilant to not allow ourselves to become so pessimistic about the future that we miss what might become a huge growth opportunity.

Although I have spoken about this very subject many times in the past, I feel that it deserves to be repeated once again. Anecdotal evidence is suggesting that a growing number of small business owners are experiencing recent new sales increases beyond their earlier expectations. I’m not offering any political commentary, so whether this renewed economic optimism is the result of the recent election or not, this economic surge might represent the much anticipated catalyst for a long overdue small business recovery. But to benefit from this renewed economic optimism, it’s imperative that you act.

It’s understandable that entrepreneurs are noticeably cautious after experiencing nearly a decade of anemic economic growth; however, you will have no other choice but to play in the game if you are to win the game. It is more important than ever in this current environment to keep your fingers on the pulse of both your customers and competitors, as well as on the local and national economies. The valuable insights that you will discern can guide you in making the well-thought out decisions necessary to take full advantage of any signs of economic recovery.

Success requires action. Do you have a deliberate and comprehensive plan for your small business for 2017? Flying by the seat of your pants or rolling the dice will not likely produce the results you have been hoping for. One year from now, a small number of success-oriented entrepreneurs will be reflecting back on 2017 and viewing it as their breakout year. This success will not be the result of luck, but rather action.

How you will view your small business success for 2017 just one year from today? Will you get down onto the playing field where success awaits you, or will you choose the comfort of the grandstands?

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