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Creating the Very Best from Reclaimed Wood

Creating the Very Best from Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood is a great source of lumber with character that can be recycled and used to create exquisite flooring and cabinetry, doors, beams, you name it. Its uses are only limited by your imagination. Recycled wood from old, unused, dilapidated, or just plain neglected barns, warehouses, and such exude a warmth that can’t be matched by most modern building materials. Also, reclaimed lumber reduces the demand for new wood from the forests of this endangered world we live in today.

There are a variety of ways to make the best out of reclaimed wood, especially in new construction. But whether you’re building or remodeling, you can give your home that unique, one-of-a-kind look that simply can’t be duplicated. Absolutely nothing can replace the aged feel, warmth, patina, and color tone of reclaimed wood.

Everyone loves the warmth that a wood floor offers. Well, Plantation Reclaimed wood offers a one-of-a-kind flooring surface that you will not find in the “big box” stores. No two floors are ever alike. We offer a variety of woods that will add an entirely new level of character to any area of your home. Tobacco Road is one such type. Used during the 19th and early 20th century, tobacco farmers used a mixture of species of wood to build sidings and roof rafters for their tobacco barns, where they would dry their harvests, which in return gave the wood used its heavy color, which with regular weathering and stains gave the wood its unique and unusual character. Hence, wood reclaimed from these barns is termed Tobacco Road.

Another species, Southern Reclaimed Heart Pine, which is often recognized by its rich yellow and golden tones along with the highest grain quality, is an ode to the American Manufacturing era. These were often used as beams in most of the largest manufacturing mills of this country.

The mighty oak tree, known for its strength, was used extensively to construct the iconic American barn, most of which would last a century or more. Resawn beams from the oldest of these barns are used by Plantation Reclaimed to create the very best quality oak hardwood wide planks that will provide your home with the warmth it deserves.

Fireplace mantels using reclaimed wood can also be used to provide an unparalleled level of character and style to your fireplace. Hand-crafted using reclaimed wood, our mantels offer both a natural and contemporary form. Our hand-hewn antique mantels are sourced from wood that is aged throughout many decades and centuries as structural timber in historic mills, barns, and warehouses. These timbers still exhibit the axe and tooling marks from when they were first cut and shaped. Our rough sawn antique mantels also bear the same axe marks of the early pioneers that first harvested the timbers from local forests. All of the mantels we offer capture the rich tradition of our early American wood-craftsman.

Antique barn sidings, complete with rusty nail holes and deep textures, can provide the interior or exterior of your home with an unparalleled and ageless beauty that cannot be matched by today’s manufactured woods and wood substitutes. We offer a variety of siding materials ranging from the grey-brown antique barn and faded grey barn siding to the all naturally faded red or white barn siding.

To learn more, contact us today to discover how you can incorporate reclaimed wood products and their rich history into your home or business. It will add a one-of-a-kind, unique character to any room at your home or office.

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