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6808 Northshore Drive: An Opportunity to Realize Your Dream

6808 Northshore Drive: An Opportunity to Realize Your Dream
By Kathleen Goonan

You may dream of owning your own business. That was my dream, too. I wanted to positively affect the lives of children and engage in community outreach through owning and operating my own Montessori school. To this end, after obtaining an English degree, I enrolled in an Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) training course and, after graduating, gained experience by teaching in two Montessori schools and a United Way Daycare Center.

A year after moving to Knoxville, I realized my dream in 1979 by opening a Montessori school, with a partner, in a church. Enrollment grew rapidly, and we quickly began a search for a permanent location where we would have full control over our environment; a place where our school could blossom and reach its full potential.

We had several important fixed criteria. The building had to be convenient for drop-off and pick-up of children. The physical building had to be large enough, meet health department, fire safety, and human services criteria, and had to meet zoning requirements. If you are presently searching for the perfect location for your daycare or preschool, you know how challenging it can be to meet all these requirements.

It took me a year to find what seemed to be, at times, a chimera, since it was predicated on so many variables. Once we found our building, it was necessary that we obtain a zoning permit, work through all of the municipal challenges, bring it up to code through extensive renovations while working with appropriate city, county, and state officials, and prepare our building to house 50 children, who ranged from toddlers to nearly five years old.

Giving Tree Montessori moved into 6808 Northshore Drive in the fall of 1981 and thrived. It proved to be a perfect location and has continued to be a successful preschool/daycare location for 35 years.

After 14 years of teaching, I began the process of realizing another dream – that of becoming a writer. I succeeded in that, becoming a well-known science fiction writer and a Professor of Science Fiction Studies and Creative Writing at Georgia Tech. Despite that success, I still miss the joy and fun of daily interacting with young children during those years of rapid, amazing physical, emotional, and intellectual growth, and have engaged in an ongoing process of outreach in all of my careers to generate awareness of the crucial importance of the preschool years.

Since buying my partner’s half of 6808 Northshore in 1992, I have rented the building to three successful preschools.

What makes 6808 Northshore such a great place for a preschool or daycare?

» Location: Northshore Drive is a main commuting artery for West Knoxville. Visibility is high – 14,000 cars pass 6808 Northshore each day. A separate entrance and exit to the paved parking lot make drop-off and pick-up easy.

» Zoning: 6808 Northshore was granted permission for use as a child care center by the MPC in 1981.

» Building: With newly refinished hardwood floors, a large, carpeted, vaulted-ceiling room, a passive-solar room, new bathrooms, hand washing stations, a screened porch perfect for rainy days or lunch, an asphalt pad for bikes, and a large fenced playground, 6808 Northshore is a cheerful, adaptable building that can be used for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers.

» Income potential: Christian’s Preschool, which was in this location for the past 18 years, was licensed for 49 children. Tuition for West Knoxville preschools and daycares range from $500 to $800 per month and more for high-quality preschool education and infant through preschool child care.

I loved teaching and growing my own small business at 6808 Northshore. My life’s journey has shown me that owning and operating one’s own preschool or daycare is a powerful way to further one’s own vision for the future.

If your dream is to own your own business, to have that business reflect and further your positive vision for the future, and be an integral part of the community, this opportunity to buy a proven business location is your chance to realize that dream. Interacting with children, parents, and the community will reward you every single day. Completely refurbished and updated, 6808 Northshore is an excellent, proven business ready for a new owner.

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