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garde-bien-spasalonHair Loss Hurts

Hair loss is just one of many side effects of chemotherapy visible to others.  At Garde Bien, we simply want you to have the most natural and beautiful hair options available both during and after your treatment. Garde Bien has become the preferred choice among women searching for alternative hair options during and after treatment, including wigs, hairpieces, volumizers, and extensions. Working with alternative hair is our passion.

Wig: Not a four-letter word anymore!

Because today’s treatments are so vastly improved, many women can return to work and remain active, so maintaining your natural haircut, color, and style is fantastic! And because human hair wigs have improved as well, they now offer women the beauty and comfort they’re searching for. Garde Bien clients are able to achieve a look so natural that even their husbands and kids have to look twice.  Human hair is an economical investment lasting years with proper care while replacing regular salon visits.

Thoughtful guidance from an expert stylist

A master stylist for nearly 40 years, Garde Bien owner and founder, Stacey Handel, has acquired all of the important skills needed to properly recommend, fit, and style the variety of human hair options available to her clients. Stacey has acquired multiple certifications throughout the U.S., including Beverly Hills exclusively, and with the world’s top quality wig designers in England to provide her clients with the variety of textures, densities, and colors, as well as cap designs, for partial or complete hair loss. As a national educator with Evolve, Stacey shares her skills with women asking for wearable hair; a unique option for partial hair loss. These highly specialized experiences enable Stacey and her staff to fit each client with a custom color and to cut these full or partial wigs to blend into an existing hairstyle or to completely transform their look. That’s why women fly from all across the country to visit Garde Bien.

Go dancing!

It’s not just about what you look like on the outside; it’s more than hair quality, style, and color. A great medical wig or cranial prosthesis helps you feel and look great from the inside, too.  Top medical wigs are hypoallergenic, hand-knotted for lightness and breathability, and very comfortable.  Silicone and polyurethane are added for grip and stability for confidence, even while dancing.  Choose from a variety of fine, medium, or course human hair fibers for the most compatible appearance. But, most importantly, it’s about the expert prosthesis stylists who create, cut, and color human hair to your desired style.  We now even offer human hair brows in a variety of shapes and colors.

Home care is a breeze! 

Wigs can be removed to shampoo, dry naturally, and style at home with lessons from us and the proper tools (such as a blow dryer, iron, and rollers), or you can bring them to us for styling and maintenance every few weeks if you prefer.

It’s also about giving back!

Garde Bien also accepts gently used wigs that they refurbish.  In conjunction with local medical centers, they provide a lower cost option for many women who need financial assistance in human hair and synthetic wig selections.

It’s time to get started!

Many brands are exclusive to Garde Bien SpaSalon. Samples of the various hair types and caps are available to learn individual preferences. Orders can arrive in one day or five days with free shipping. Call to schedule a private fitting during a risk-free consultation appointment. In addition, your first haircut on human hair full cranial prosthesis is complimentary. To learn more, call Stacey or Jenn at 865-671-1996 or visit  We’ve Got Hair When You Don’t.

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