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Fall in Love with Autumn

Veronica G BoutiqueThe promise of crisp autumn mornings and the spectacular palette of fall colors will be enjoyed even more with your visit to Veronica G Boutique.  Our number one apparel line from Parsley & Sage never disappoints.  Discover for yourself their colors of autumn, which include rich blues, greens, browns, and everyone’s favorite, teal.

We’re also very excited about all of the new jewelry designs that we’ll be featuring this season from popular fashion jewelry designer, John Michael Richardson.

Veronica G Boutique is proud to introduce our latest fashion accessory, SHREDS.  Like a scarf but far better, SHREDS are a one-of-a-kind neckwear creation designed and handmade in the heart of America from upcycled textile remnants.  The result is that no two SHREDS will appear alike, offering a totally unique look for each and every wearer.  SHREDS are also available in popular UT colors.

We are also pleased to feature our recent “Strike a Pose” contest winner, Kay Wellons.  Kay decided to enter the contest after learning about it in Everything Knoxville.

“I’m never too old to have a little fun!” said Kay, a retired Knox County teacher and administrator.

And strike a pose she did, as she won the contest hands down.  Kay’s only grandson, Carter, who she looks after four days a week, was at the beach one day with his parents, so she decided to get all dolled up and go for it.

“I followed my own advice to my students to seize all of life’s opportunities,” said Kay.  “I just love Veronica G Boutique’s fashions, as they make women feel younger and more vibrant, in style, and just a little ‘sassy.’  And boutique owner, Gail, is another reason I love Veronica G Boutique.  Gail makes you feel comfortable, spending time with each customer while sharing her knowledge of current fashions.  She also encourages you to break out of the mold.  Veronica G Boutique fashions are versatile and are perfect for a busy and active lifestyle.”

Strike you own pose at Veronica G Boutique today!

Veronica G Boutique
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