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European Fine Hardwood Floors

European Fine Hardwood FloorsRediscover Old-World Craftsmanship

It’s been 11 years since Valera and Svetlana Tomescu fulfilled their dream of immigrating to the United States from their native Moldova in Eastern Europe. They believe that their goal of achieving the American dream was made possible in large part to the generosity of the people of the United States. Despite the many challenges they experienced as newlyweds in this new country with little money and very few possessions, today they are excited to be living in beautiful Knoxville, Tennessee, along with their three wonderful boys.  They also feel fortunate to own their own business, European Fine Hardwood Floors.

As a young boy in Moldova, Valera was introduced to woodworking by his grandfather, who was a master carpenter.  Valera just loved working with wood, and his grandfather nurtured his grandson’s passion for woodworking.  In Europe, where apprenticeships help develop the next generation of skilled craftsmen, Valera was able to become the highly skilled craftsman he is today.  His grandfather would have been so proud to see his grandson today if he were alive.

European Fine Hardwood Floors features new hardwood flooring installation and refinishing of existing hardwood floors using the highest quality materials available, no subcontractors, and the latest technologies available, including “dustless” floor finishing.

Most homeowners assume that despite the promises of dust-free finishing made by flooring contractors, that dust is just a fact of life. Well, “dustless technology” does in fact exist, and Valera and Svetlana are proud to have made the financial investment in this technology on behalf of their customers. They don’t use the bags seen on most refinishing equipment today that allow dust to remain in your home, but instead they use specialized, high efficiency vacuums that remain outside your home that are attached to their equipment using high capacity hoses. This equipment, manufactured by Swedish-based Bona, the world’s number one innovator in the wood flooring industry since 1919, offers you the truly “dust-free” alternative to wood floor finishing that you deserve.

A Bona Certified Craftsman, Valera has earned this much coveted distinction as a result of his years of experience and extensive training and testing by Bona. If you have water or pet damaged hardwood floors, insist on a Bona Certified Craftsman to assure the best restoration results. European Fine Hardwood Floors is proud to be a Bona Certified Craftsman and a member of the National Wood Flooring Association and adheres to the highest standards and guidelines of both organizations.

Why not rediscover old-world craftsmanship at it’s best, a level of craftsmanship that you might have thought no longer existed? Call Valera today, visit them on Facebook, or visit, where you can also view customer testimonials.

European Fine Hardwood Floors

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