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Veronica G Boutique Introduces the Bali Apparel Line for 2016

By Gail Edwards, Owner of Veronica G Boutique

During May, Veronica G Boutique will be featuring a beautiful and exciting new line – Bali Apparel. When I recently met with Bali’s owner, Frank, who resides in North Carolina, I became quite intrigued with his story.

About 30 years ago, Frank and his wife were vacationing in Bali and saw the unique Batik fabrics being produced there. Their unique method of adding wax to a white fabric to create patterns and then coloring the remaining fabric with rich color dyes results in the creation of striking designs. The fabric is then boiled in water to remove the wax, revealing the design. This process results in a “pre-shrunk” fabric with a lovely “soft hand.” Frank and his wife watched this process, and a fashion line idea was born. This small independent line is available exclusively in Frank’s personally selected boutiques.

Veronica G Boutique first introduced this clothing line last summer to rave reviews. Many customers bought multiple pieces, and then returned for more. These creations are my personal favorites to pack when we go to the beach in the summer, as it has that designer resort look. This year the line offers even more, and Frank added some fun touches to the pants and capris this season.

If you are searching for something truly unique and enjoy a soft, flowing design for your clothing, you must see these as soon as possible, because they will be gone before you know it!

Another new line we have discovered and have added to our collection is the exquisite creations of fashion jewelry designer, John Michael Richardson. These unique pieces blend the cultures of both East and West to create a look that is uniquely his own. The metal is hand-crafted in Thailand with etchings that bring unique detail to his jewelry. He mixes natural elements of horn, wood, bone, and shell from Cuba, metal stampings from the U.S., and glass beads from the Czech Republic. All items are assembled and finished in the United States. Rich in look but affordable in price, these pieces are immediately recognizable and make the perfect gift for Mother’s Day or any special occasion!

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