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Shae Design Studio

Shae Design Studio

Your New Standard in Kitchen & Bath Design and Furnishings

thumbnail-3If you are contemplating a kitchen or bath redesign or new home construction, you are invited to discover an entirely new experience in design. Shae Design Studio founder and owner, Shae Seeber, has revolutionized the area’s kitchen and bath design marketplace by combining a variety of disciplines that are often missing from more traditional cabinet vendors.

Shae Design Studio combines the latest 3D kitchen design technology, along with their interior design skills and decade-long experience in residential construction, to provide homeowners with a totally new, turn-key experience. Shae Design Studio is where great design meets functionality. Designed to meet the daily needs of your busy family, their designs also create that showcase designer quality look that you have been searching for.

But what you will appreciate even more is Shae Design Studio’s price tag. With prices up to 30% lower than competing cabinet stores, your money will go even further.

This month Everything Knoxville is proud to share with you their interview with Shae Design Studio founder, Shae Seeber.

EK: Tell us, who is Shae Design Studio?

Shae: We are designers, and we create beautiful and functional living spaces that people want to come home to. Whether you’re renovating, redesigning a space, or trying to select furniture pieces, the designers at Shae have the talent to assist you with all of your interior design needs. From flooring to lighting and anything in between, we do it all and walk you through each step of the process. We are the first ones you will meet, from a complete renovation to styling your space with the latest home furnishings from our design curated studio and showroom.

EK: What makes Shae Design Studio different?

Shae: As a female owned and operated company, we do so much more than sell people cabinet boxes. We want to understand your needs and how you live. Shae Design Studio is a total renovation and interior design resource, and we have things that you will not find anywhere else. We are one of the largest design teams in Knoxville and offer a wide breadth of skills. We’re not looking to keep the same layout in the same old kitchen; we’re looking to take out walls and do whatever we need to do to give your space the most potential. Designers are present from the beginning to the end of the process, and we are physically present at the job site before we even begin the design. Also, because we work in a collaborative atmosphere, I touch base with most projects that come into the studio.

EK: Your new design studio appears to be an interactive environment where homeowners can discover all of the potential that exists in their home’s kitchen and baths. How does your interior design experience benefit your clients?

Shae: During the past 10 years, I have had the opportunity to work on thousands of spaces. I’m very confident in the construction process. Having four children has given me a lot to consider – everything from storage to functionality. A lot of companies only offer single aspects of the design process, but we cover everything. We want to understand your needs and how you live in order to design not only a space, but a lifestyle.

EK: Tell us about your process. Where do I start if I want to renovate?

Shae: Whatever the project is, we begin by sending a member of our interior design team to discuss your space with you. After determining what your unique needs are, we create 3D renderings of your best options to help you visualize what other people often have difficulty visualizing.

EK: Why do homeowners find hiring an interior designer so stressful?

Shae: It’s not the least bit stressful with Shae Design Studio. Our objective is to encourage you to express your exact needs and wants. We are design facilitators who use our skills to incorporate your ideas into your new spaces. Your new design should be a reflection of you and not the designer. We also work within your budget parameters.

EK: Why should the 3D technology you use be important to your clients?

Shae: Our 3D renderings bring your design to life. They help you visualize and connect with the spaces we’re creating for you. Being able to show the homeowner what something is going to look like in advance helps to better connect them with the design, taking the customary guesswork out of the project.

EK: With so many options in Knoxville, why should I buy from Shae Design Studio?

Shae: At Shae Design Studio, you will work directly with designers who are passionate about both you and your story and not the typical sales environment you find elsewhere. Our designers travel extensively to hand select each and every unique piece that you will discover in our showroom. By offering our clients all of these designer-inspired items directly, it allows us to offer our customers the very best prices possible. You don’t have to shop all around Knoxville searching and trying to find all of the elements needed to complete your project. We bring it all together for you. Also, because we know that our furniture will be an important part of your life for many years, we have invested many hours searching for just the right lines that we are confident you will appreciate.

EK: In closing, is there anything you would like to tell our readers?

Shae: We are visionaries. We see what others don’t see. We hear your ideas, understand how you live, and collaborate with you to begin the process of bringing your new floor plan to life with our 3D renderings. We launch each design project with an engaging preview so you can begin to visualize the potential we see for yourself. But don’t take our word for it. Discover all of the opportunities that Shae offers, and prepare to be inspired!

Shae Design Studio
10420 Kingston Pike, Suite C
Knoxville, TN 37922

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