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Introducing Evolve Extensions+
The Evolution of Hair Extensions

By Stacey Handel, Founder & Owner of Garde Bien SpaSalon

Our hair is our most versatile fashion accessory that can coordinate perfectly with our entire wardrobe, from evening gown to nightgown. Our hair is also an important component of our self-esteem and self-image. And because the condition of our hair can make the difference between self-confidence and self-consciousness, our hair, not unlike our wardrobe, can occasionally use a little help. In this case, an all-natural option that can make the difference between enjoying a night on the town or another night at home.
Although introduced decades ago, hair extensions have evolved throughout the years. But the most significant advancement to date in the evolution of hair extensions was announced by Evolve, who recently introduced Evolve Extensions+.

The truly revolutionary Evolve Extensions+ offers you the ease and speed of a tape-in, with no glue or adhesives, resulting in the look and feel of a strand by strand. Installed in 45 minutes to one hour, Evolve Extensions+ provides a more natural look that is non-invasive and will not cause damage to natural hair from chemicals, glues, adhesives, or heat.

But what I am even more excited to announce is that although the Evolve Extensions+ has only recently been introduced, you won’t have to wait to try these truly remarkable hair extensions. Garde Bien is proud to have been selected by Evolve as their exclusive salon in the Greater Knoxville area and the first in Tennessee and the Southeast to offer the Evolve Extensions+ hair system. Further, you will be delighted to learn that in addition to being an experienced professional in a variety of hair extension and volumizing techniques, I am also an Evolve National Trainer charged with the responsibility of training other stylists nationally.

Let me tell you more about the unique features of the Evolve Extensions+ system:

» Evolve Extensions+ uses 100% healthy Human Remy Cuticle Hair, which means that all cuticles are sorted in the same direction, resulting in a silky feel that is resistant to tangles.
» Evolve Extensions+ is available in 20 colors – 16 basic shades and four blends and custom colors as well.
» Evolve Extensions+ is perfect for a finished end to reduce matting and split ends. Hair is 14” long and has a natural body wave, which is easily styled into most any style, curled, or flat ironed.
» Evolve Extensions+ clients require less at the salon for installation and resets.

» Evolve Extensions+ clients will also discover that their new extensions will last longer than conventional hair extensions, resulting in a savings over time.
If you’re ready to experience an all-new you in 2016, I invite you to discover how Evolve Extensions+ can provide you with an all-new, beautiful, and natural look. Please see our special introductory offer on the adjacent page.
And for those women who are looking for options for fine or thinning hair or hair loss, the same innovative company that introduced Evolve Extensions+ also offers a solution with their Evolve Volumizer.

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