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A Month Full of Black Fridays

By Gail Edwards

If you’re like me, the upcoming Christmas and New Year’s holidays are my favorite – and yes, stressful – time of the year. It’s not enough that we have to clean our homes, decorate, prepare the meals, and shop for friends and loved ones.

The one thing all of us shoppers have in common is our desire to discover quality merchandise at the very best value possible. But trying to take full advantage of all the advertised sales offered by your favorite merchants can leave you feeling like you’ve just run a steeplechase.

Some sales are for a short period of time, often starting at midnight or 5 am, and are limited to merchandise on hand. Just you and a few thousand other shoppers competing for the same item or items that may already be out of stock in just the few minutes it takes you to locate the merchandise in the first place.

Black Thursday, Black Friday, cyber this, and cyber that. Who needs it?

At Veronica G Boutique, starting as early as last Christmas, we decided to do something rather unique for Christmas 2015. We were going to offer our special Black Friday pricing – not just for one day, but for the entire month of December. This means that you can select from our boutique’s wide selection of ladies’ apparel from a host of renowned fashion designers, a wide variety of accessories, and some of the most exquisite designer-inspired jewelry that you’re likely to see this holiday season.

So forget the holiday shopping steeplechase and enjoy Black Friday prices all December long.

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