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Facial and Skincare Specials at Spa 9700

Spa 9700’s annual fall focus on skincare will feature the latest in skincare treatments and facials from Eminence and Glo Therapeutics, including some specials on chemical peels!

After a summer of beach trips, forgetting to apply sunscreen, and watching wrinkles and uneven skin pigmentation become a problem, most people are ready to try to fix it, but how? Chemical peels are one of the most effective methods for improving damaged and aging skin. Many options are available, including everything from brightening the skin to correcting conditions like hyperpigmentation, scarring (such as in acne), wrinkling, and uneven surface texture. Also, they’re not just for the face. Other common areas to treat with peels are the chest, back, arms, hands, and feet.

What is a chemical peel? In basic terms, acids are topically applied to the skin with the goal of stimulating cell turnover, resulting in the shedding of dead skin cells. Most of the “chemicals” are naturally derived from plants, fruits, and vegetables. The level or depth of the peel is determined by the makeup of the acids involved. You don’t have to fear chemical peels! When choosing which peel is right for you, enlist the help of one of Spa 9700’s experienced estheticians. She will analyze your skin, discuss your goals, and make recommendations for the best treatment. With the flexibility provided from a variety of peels, Spa 9700 can tailor your treatment to your lifestyle. Fantastic results can be attained from even gentle peels, and both Glo and Eminence now have at-home peels you can incorporate into your regular routine.

Skincare events happening this fall include:

  • Glo’s Vitamin C Facial repairs and protects sun damaged skin and corrects the signs of aging to improve skin tone. $15 off in September. (By appointment)
  • 20% off any chemical peel from Glo or Eminence during October. (By appointment)
  • Girls’ Night Out, October 8, 4–7: Glo’s Antioxidant Express Repair Facial $30 (normally $55). Free makeovers by Glo Makeup Artist, Leslie Boler. (By appointment)
  • Purchase $75 in Glo Therapeutics’ skincare and receive a free Renew Serum. Purchase $50 in Glo makeup and receive a free lip product of your choice. (Girls’ Night Out Only)

Spa 9700 has a complete selection of facials, chemical peels, and skincare sure to set you on the path to the best skin of your life!

Spa 9700
9700 Kingston Pike
Knoxville, TN 37922

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