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Knoxville Plastic & Craniofacial Surgery

“For You. For All.”

Knoxville Plastic & Craniofacial SurgeryWhat do Tom’s Shoes, Whole Foods, and Warby Parker all have in common? It’s not that they are well-known and very successful businesses, which they are. It’s not that they all make or sell great products, which they do. The common denominator that these three companies share is found in their mission: As a company, they have committed themselves to helping our less fortunate neighbors around the world.

Tom’s Shoes has a program called “One for One,” where they donate a pair of shoes to children in poverty for each pair of shoes they sell. Whole Foods, now here in Knoxville, donates food to local food banks and shelters, in addition to being involved in global hunger relief and environmental campaigns. Warby Parker, the online eyewear giant, was founded on the “Buy One, Give One” philosophy and provides a pair of eyeglasses in the developing world for every pair that they sell online or in their stores.

You may be asking yourself, “Why is a plastic surgeon from Knoxville talking about eyeglasses, organic vegetables, and shoes?”

Perceptions of the plastic surgeon, the plastic surgery patient, and the field of plastic surgery in general have been heavily influenced by popular shows like Dr. 90210 and Nip/Tuck. Plastic surgery – aesthetic or cosmetic surgery specifically – has been portrayed as being totally “unnecessary,” and the only people who either practice or undergo plastic surgery are vain, selfish, and materialistic.

Honestly, the truth couldn’t be further from any of these characterizations. Sure – people like those on TV exist, but they’re on TV because they are sensational and “watchable.” I, like most other plastic surgeons, am in the business of improving the quality of life of my patients – all of my patients. Whether it is a child with a cleft lip, a woman courageously facing breast cancer, or someone who has made the decision to enhance their natural beauty, I have the opportunity to help them change their life for the better. Each and every one of my patients has the chance to enjoy a greater sense of happiness, greater fulfillment, and a greater sense of wholeness and well-being as the result of my work.

Nowhere is this more evident than in the field of mission surgery. Each year I have the opportunity to travel internationally to provide surgical care to children (and some adults) who would otherwise go without. And, while the trips are physically and emotionally exhausting, the feeling of personal and professional satisfaction at the end of the trip is something that is difficult to describe. If you have ever volunteered your time – whether it is at a local soup kitchen, helping build a Habitat for Humanity home, or you have had the opportunity to travel abroad on an international mission trip (medical or otherwise) – you know the feeling I’m talking about. It is truly a wonderful experience. However, I understand that not everyone will have the chance to volunteer their time in some of these activities. That is why we have created a program to pass along the feeling of joy that accompanies that type of service. The program is called:

“For You. For All.”

For every cosmetic procedure I perform (injectable fillers, Botox, lasers, or surgery), a portion of the fee is donated to charities that provide free reconstructive surgery for children and adults suffering from birth deformities or injuries. You will help provide the medication, equipment, and resources to literally change the life of someone who doesn’t have access to the care they need or the means to get it. You’ll be able to make an impact in the life of a child, just by being a part of our practice family. And, in the future, you will also get to meet some of the people who benefit from your generosity and our partnership through online posts and in articles like this one.

Do something for yourself, but give the gift of reconstructive surgery to someone who would otherwise be without. We’re not Whole Foods, Tom’s, or Warby Parker, but together we can help make our world a better place, one person at a time.

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