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Sharing a Piece of Yourself

By Tom Irmen

Truly successful entrepreneurs share a piece of themselves with every one of their clients and potential new customers. It’s our passion, and by sharing something of value with our clients, we’re not only creating a rapport, but we’re also demonstrating the value we offer to our customers. I’m not talking about an advertising specialty item, like a refrigerator magnet or a keychain. That stuff is meaningless. I’m talking about sharing a piece of yourself – your experiences, advice, or personal insights – that can help propel your client forward.

In our publication, we often utilize article space to help our advertisers to successfully differentiate themselves from their competitors. Because of our many years of marketing expertise, and our in-depth knowledge of our clients’ businesses, we are able to assist our advertisers in composing their own articles, which helps them to differentiate themselves from their competition in the minds of our readers. And the fact that they author their own articles helps them establish an instant rapport with our readers as well. The time we invest demonstrates to our advertising partners that we are fully committed to their success and that we are willing to invest ourselves into their futures.

Success is earned. If you sell a commodity product or service, earning success may not be important to you, but that type of success can also be fleeting. It’s a momentary success that will evaporate when your customers discover an alternative source for your product or service available at a lower price.

You’ll also discover another and even greater intangible when you provide something of real value to your customers, and that is the enormous personal satisfaction that comes from sharing in your customers’ success – a success that resulted in part from the investments you made in your clients.

While writing this article, I received a phone call from a great advertising client with whom we have been initiating and supporting a new marketing strategy for his small business. He shared with me that he just received his single largest order ever for his new service. It’s a combined success that results from sharing something of value with a loyal and dedicated client.

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