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Koko FitClub: Revolutionizing Fitness in 30 Minutes or Less

Koko FitClub
Revolutionizing Fitness in 30 Minutes or Less

Koko FitClub

As is so often the case, necessity became the mother of invention, and Koko FitClub became a reality. Founded in 2004, Koko FitClub was the creation of entrepreneurs and husband and wife team, Mike Lannon and Mary Obana. Overwhelmed by busy careers and a young family, Mike and Mary experienced what so many others experience – greater emphasis on career and family activities and less emphasis on personal fitness.

Recognizing that their desire to get back into shape and still balance their careers and family would be others’ desires as well, this entrepreneurial couple combined their creative skills to launch Koko FitClub. This revolutionary new concept combines technology with the science of fitness to produce truly amazing results when compared to other traditional fitness models.

Koko FitClub is a comprehensive approach to fitness, unlike other plans that often focus only on weight loss or building lean muscle. Koko FitClub’s comprehensive fitness model combines the most important aspects of total fitness, including exercise, cardio, nutrition, and other important health related criteria. By focusing on total fitness, Koko FitClub helps their members achieve an uncommon level of health and well-being that can have a very positive impact on their lives and their futures.

The success of Koko FitClub has grown to 28 states, with two locations here in Knoxville (in Bearden and Farragut). Patricia Kilgore, a Registered Nurse and lifetime fitness enthusiast, realized the life-changing potential that Koko FitClub’s comprehensive approach to fitness offered the community and opened both clubs in 2012.

EK: As a medical professional, does it bother you to see the piecemeal approach to fitness that so many of us pursue?

Patricia: Where do I begin? It drives me crazy! The appeal of a specific “quick fix” is marketed to appeal to people’s emotions. I love the “lose weight while you sleep” promise. We are bombarded daily with unrealistic promises that appeal to our emotions. We know better. To achieve the most effective results and maintain them, we must make balanced lifestyle changes involving our activity level and nutrition. It does take action on our part, but the “no pain, no gain” attitude of yesterday is really not true. We do not need pain to make gains. It doesn’t have to be that hard. That is why Koko is so great. We do the research and planning for you. You commit, and you will get fit.

EK: Why do those of us who wish to enhance our personal fitness avoid this more comprehensive approach?

Patricia: It’s primarily a lack of knowledge. Most of us don’t possess the knowledge required to plan out a comprehensive program that includes exercise, cardio conditioning, and dietary changes that will help us meet our goals. It is also about having been exposed for years to misinformation that is now accepted as factual, when actually there is little or no science to back it up.

EK: Is that why you feel that many people with even the best intentions confuse activity with fitness?

Patricia: So many people in our society today are de-conditioned. We only need to look around us. No one enjoys being overweight, lacking energy, or taking medicines for chronic conditions. People have a real desire to be more fit and healthy, but how does one go about it? Just getting moving is a start and is definitely better than sitting on the couch. However, it does not usually reach the level of intensity required to achieve significant change.

EK: Tell our readers about Koko’s unique approach and the personal assessments you conduct for each member.

Patricia: What struck me immediately when I was introduced to the Koko concept was its simplicity. Yet, the “total package” was all there! What sets Koko apart from other “traditional, older style” gyms is the unique software system and patented Smartraining equipment. When you join a Koko FitClub, you are not just purchasing access to a facility. You are purchasing a customized training program with a built-in support system of FitCoaches that are there to guide and motivate you on your fitness journey. We use our patented technology to bring the knowledge of our world-class personal trainers to each workout session. All workout data is stored on a member’s Koko key to help track and analyze progress. When people visit us for the first time, we offer a comprehensive fitness assessment. This innovative process includes defining goals, identifying limitations, and performing a baseline strength test to determine current fitness levels.

EK: So how do you create a personalized plan to help individuals achieve strength, cardio, and nutritional goals?

Patricia: It is really amazing. Based on information gathered during the assessment and strength test, we recommend a program track. The program is then customized through a series of complicated algorithms to define each person’s fitness level, and the training begins.

EK: You offer members a wide variety of programs and options that can be periodically adjusted. Please explain.

Patricia: As members progress, their program is adjusted based on periodic strength tests and milestones. But that is just the strength component. In addition, we help with cardio conditioning and nutrition. The saying “abs are made at the table” is true. Changing eating habits is as hard as any workout, if not harder. Koko FitClub knows this and offers personal coaching and accountability sessions to help with fuel. We have a number of membership options to meet different budgets and fitness goals. We use a team approach (members + FitCoaches) to ensure all fitness needs are covered.

EK: Tell us how Koko FitClub helps its members avoid high blood pressure, diabetes, and other diseases.

Patricia: We really do change lives for the better as evidenced by results and data our members have shared with us. We surveyed 3,746 Koko members across the U.S. and found the following:
» 38% reported reductions in blood pressure
» 43% reported reductions in cholesterol
» 36% reported improved blood sugar levels
» 78% reported improvements in mood since joining Koko
» 81% reported reduced stress levels post Koko workouts
» 77% report other health status improvements

Every day an article or study is published touting the positive benefits of regular exercise and smart nutrition. Koko FitClub delivers on these promises. Unfortunately, many people living with chronic health conditions are intimidated and hesitate to enter large gyms with no direction. Koko FitClub offers special health tracks for people living with arthritis, diabetes, back problems, and even cancer recovery.

EK: Is there anything else you would like to tell our readers?

Patricia: I think the words of Dr. Deborah Ebert Long, MD, FCCP (Fellow of the College of Chest Physicians), who is triple board certified in pulmonology, thoracic surgery, and critical care medicine, express my feelings perfectly:
“I have been a Koko member for two years. On a personal level, I am amazed to have finally found a regimen that is motivating, effective, and sustainable. As a physician, I recommend Koko on a daily basis for health maintenance, disease management, and prevention. I am amazed at how the concept adapts to any age or fitness level. The constant feedback of performance into the system allows people to progress at whatever pace is appropriate and at a very low injury rate. Without asking people to commit enormous amounts of time or money, Koko provides health results that I have never seen equaled by any other intervention.”

If you are new to fitness, ready to make a change, or need guidance and motivation, come try us, completely risk free. We perform fitness assessments at no charge as a way of allowing people to experience what makes us unique. Ours is a one-of-a-kind, proven approach to fitness that is done in as little as 30 minutes. Our system has worked for thousands of people nationwide, people just like you and me. Let us prove to you that fitness can be simple and how easy it can be to stick with our program. There is a better way, and it is Koko FitClub! As the saying goes, we really do have “Fit Figured Out.”

Thanks for welcoming Koko to East Tennessee. The first three years have flown by, and we are looking forward to many more lives changed! My team and I look forward to getting you started on your journey today!

Koko FitClub

4614 Kingston Pike in Bearden

153 Brooklawn Street in Farragut

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