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Transforming Weddings from a Day-Long Event to a Lifelong Experience

Transforming Weddings from a Day-Long Event to a Lifelong Experience

By Kathy Tarr, Owner of Springtree Farms

Springtree Farms

From purely a woman’s perspective, I’m not certain which is the most significant event – my wedding day or the birth of my children. Perhaps because our wedding symbolizes the beginning of our nearly 44 years of marriage and the relationship from which we were blessed with six wonderful children, I’d have to say my wedding day.

But for so many couples, instead of becoming a memorable and sacred celebration, their wedding day has become a blur. Confronted with a multitude of decisions and deadlines, weddings have become a hectic event – a date and time on your calendar, reminiscent more of a theatrical production than the cherished, life-changing occasion it should be. How many of us would like to take that day back and transform it into an unforgettable experience that you would remember and treasure for the rest of your life?

When my husband, Jack, and I first discovered Springtree Farms, our original thought was to create a sanctuary for our family and close friends. But Springtree Farms, laced with rustic and elegant charm and a rich history dating back to 1797, became more than either of us could have imagined. The secluded splendor and majesty of Springtree Farms provided a reflective, restorative, and recreational sanctuary for the souls of our visitors. What folks encountered at Springtree Farms made them not want to leave.

It was then that we became aware of just how Springtree Farms had touched not only our own lives, but the lives of others as well. With our passion and commitment to helping others build and sustain strong marriages and families, we decided to create a wedding venue unlike any other – a customized, once-in-a-lifetime beginning shared with friends and family that would serve as a foundation for a couple’s lifetime together. Rather than the day-long, stress-filled event most weddings have become, our aim was to create a meaningful, life-long, weekend celebration.

Our wedding venues and packages are as varied as Springtree Farms’ natural surroundings. From the “Vista,” which offers a majestic view of Springtree Farms’ rolling countryside and the magnificent Cumberland Plateau in the distance, to the century-old “Parham Chapel,” which offers stunning simplicity amongst a timeless and historical setting, to the lush and secluded “Oak Meadow” surrounding the giant oak framed by the mist-shrouded Cumberland Mountains, Springtree Farms offers every couple the opportunity to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

If you’re currently planning a wedding, I invite you to discover Springtree Farms by calling now to take one of our fun-filled ATV tours. If you know someone who is planning a wedding, I would like to ask you to share this story with them. It might turn out to be the greatest gift you could give them.

Springtree Farms
Located just minutes from nearby Crossville, TN

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