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Your Interior Design Partners

Decorating Den Interiors

Sandy Kozar and Taryn Stait
Your Interior Design Partners

This month Everything Knoxville magazine is proud to feature Knoxville Interior Designer and Owner of Decorating Den Interiors, Sandy Kozar, and her associate and fellow Interior Designer, Taryn Stait. Many of our readers will be familiar with Sandy’s award-winning designs as seen on HGTV, Knoxville’s Parade of Homes, Knoxville Symphony House and also being featured in a variety of national and international publications. Her most recently featured design is in a new book, “The Kitchen Bible” by Barbara Ballinger. Additionally, it is her unique approach that delivers professional design assistance in an approachable, cost-effective, and ultimately a successful way.

Often misunderstood by prospective clients, many people mistakenly view the hiring of an interior designer as a daunting, even intimidating task that must be far too expensive for the average homeowner. In this issue, Sandy and Taryn explain their uncommon and refreshing perspectives that will definitely help you enhance your understanding of interior design and how they strive to work within your design budget.

EK: Sandy, although many prospective clients might be too embarrassed to ask you this, can everyone afford an interior designer?

Sandy: Selecting the right design professional and getting them involved early in your decorating process is crucial to the success of your project. In reality, an interior designer can save you money because homeowners often make costly mistakes before contacting us. They also can pay more for furnishings, window treatments, art, rugs, accessories that end up not working well or do not fit properly. We work within your design budget and our design work is completely scalable. The design project can be implemented room by room as your time and design budget allow. Best of all, we do not charge by the hour for our design services when product is purchased! We can do this due to our long-standing agreement with hand-selected, top-quality manufacturers and suppliers.

EK: How can I be assured that your designs will be a reflection of my unique lifestyle and taste and not those of the designer?

Sandy: The end result of what we deliver is consistently a reflection of your own individual taste and style. We ensure that the look of your home is as unique as you are. All designs are artfully and carefully created to your needs. It is never an ‘off the shelf’ solution presented to everyone. We consider the function of a room before beginning the design process and bring you designs in a 3-D format.
The style always shines through with your lifestyle. It allows your home to sparkle and express to family and friends that you made the effort to make it beautiful and comfortable. We simply help you to differentiate yourselves from the everyday home designs.

EK: What should I expect during my complimentary consultation?

Taryn: We spend time getting to know you and your project—and you getting to know us. We offer a complimentary consultation as an exclusive, “Refresh and Renew Review” of your home to show you how best to showcase your home within a variety of design budgets.

EK: What happens after the initial consultation?

Taryn: If you decide after the complimentary consultation that you would like to work with us, our design appointment will be scheduled. At the design appointment, we bring back designs that highlight everything that we discussed on the first appointment. Orders are placed, followed and gathered so that installation can be done in one day! That is our favorite day! We send you to another part of the house, or you can go run errands or whatever, and then you are brought back in for “the big reveal!”

EK: What can you offer to your existing clients?

Sandy: After the work is completed we follow up to ensure your satisfaction. We hope to have you as a “client for life” by offering our new Free Annual Style Review to ensure that you are happy and satisfied with your new look or want to add to the project or start a new one.

EK: You are also a Decorating Den Interiors franchise owner. Why should that be important to me?

Sandy: Decorating Den Interiors has been in business for 45 years as a well-known and respected international company that adheres to the highest standards of quality, design, and integrity. We can provide the resources, industry best pricing and exclusive designer lines that you can’t get anywhere else. Locally owned and delivered, yet we have access to the very national and international products you require to give your home an individual look!

EK: Do you find that most clients have a vision of what they would like but just don’t know how or where to start?

Sandy: In most cases, this is absolutely true. 50% of the potential clients that contact us have never worked with a designer before. That’s why our individual approach to interior design is so important. We invest a great deal of time in learning about each and every client. We’re the facilitators. It is only after we discover each client’s unique tastes, lifestyle, color preferences, textures, design budget, and much more, that we present them with several design options that feature 3-D space plans, lighting, fabrics, colors, finishes, art, and rugs that are on budget. We transform the apprehension that many clients have to interior design into an adventure where we’ve developed many ongoing friendships with our clients.

EK: How can a prospective client who may be considering using the services of an interior designer learn more about you?

Taryn: It is very simple, just contact us in our Studio at 865-982-6368 or visit our website at We make the whole process easy for you. The hardest part is overcoming any fears you may have of working with a designer. You will be glad you did and thrilled with the results!

EK: In closing, is there anything else you would like to add?

Sandy: I encourage anyone wanting a more beautiful home with a warm, comfortable living environment to take advantage of the complimentary “Refresh Review and Renew” consultation. It is the easiest first step you can take to make your home more enjoyable for you and your entire family. We’d love to help you make your house a beautiful place to come home to!

Sandy Kozar, Owner/Interior Designer
Taryn Stait, Interior Designer
Decorating Den Interiors

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