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Synergy Auto Wash

Hands On… Dirt Off!

Synergy Auto WashNow celebrating its third anniversary, Synergy Auto Wash’s commitment to ensuring that every vehicle they hand wash is 100% safely cleaned has propelled them to the top spot in Knoxville’s full-service marketplace. At Synergy, no automated equipment, such as soft cloths, ever comes in contact with your vehicle’s exterior surfaces, ensuring that the dirt and grime from cars washed prior to yours, some of which adheres to the soft cloths used by the competition, never comes into contact with your automobile. Dirt and grime embedded in soft cloths can become abrasives, which damage your vehicle’s protective clear coat, paint, and other exterior surfaces, including mirrors and wheels.

Customers also aren’t forced to clean the dirt and grime left behind by fully automated car washes. While competitive washes may promise you a 100% clean car, they often fall short of that, hoping that you won’t notice the difference. Because Synergy hand washes every vehicle, their trained staff also inspects every vehicle they wash, ensuring that any areas needing additional attention don’t go missed.

In this issue, we interview Synergy Auto Wash founder and owner, Brian Davis, to discover the success behind his true passion to deliver 100% clean vehicles to his clients, 100% of the time.

EK: Nearly three years after opening, how would you describe your experience thus far?

Brian: It’s been an incredible journey. The overwhelming, positive response from our customers has exceeded even my most optimistic expectations. As with any new business, the inevitable learning curve pointed out a few areas where we needed to improve, but through the patience and understanding of our clients, we addressed and overcame those few challenges. We also continue to evaluate ways we can get even better in order to remain the best.

EK: What would you say has been the biggest challenge you’ve encountered?

Brian: I’d have to say perception. Every express and full-service car wash that has ever been in this area has been automated. Most car owners don’t know there is an alternative, because that’s all they’ve ever known. I’m always afraid when I explain to someone that we hand wash, they think of us as a few guys hand washing their car and cleaning the interior all in one place, which is a slow process. We have a conveyor, arches to apply chemicals, and blowers to dry the vehicle just like all the other car washes in town. The difference is that we have employees in our tunnel that hand wash a customer’s vehicle while it is going down the conveyor opposed to automated machines like all the other car washes in town.

EK: What has been your greatest disappointment?

Brian: I’d say the frustration that comes from trying to understand why car owners are willing to pay the same price, and often more, for an inferior wash.

EK: So you’re really convinced that a hand car wash is superior?

Brian: There’s no doubt about it. All automated car washes have soft cloths that are going back and forth and spinning along your vehicle. When these cloths are wet, the dirt and grime from the dirty vehicles in front of yours sticks to this material. Just imagine the soft cloth reaching into a dirty truck bed, picking up dirt and debris, then running across the hood of your vehicle. At Synergy, we hand wash each vehicle just like some people wash their own vehicle in their driveway. Every few seconds we clean the mitts to remove any dirt or grime from not only your vehicle, but the vehicles in front of yours. 

EK: How is Synergy different from other area hand washes?

Brian: Assuming they take the same care in selecting and training their car care team and use the finest car care products, I’d say we both deliver a 100% clean car. The major difference is how we at Synergy have combined technology and superior customer care to create a level of efficiency and quality that sets us apart from the competition. At Synergy, we will deliver a 100% clean vehicle at the same price, and perhaps lower, than you’ll pay at other full-service car washes, and usually in the same time or even less.

EK: In closing, do you have anything else you would like to say to our readers?

Brian: Just that we would like to thank all of you for your support and encouragement, and if you have never visited us, I would like to invite you to discover the Synergy difference. Once you’ve tried us, we know you’ll be back. I also invite you to visit us online to see our complete menu of services and our money saving packages.

Synergy Auto Wash
10500 Kingston Pike
Knoxville, TN 37922

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