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ShredPro Secure

Searching for Security in an Unsecure World

By Cathy Stooksbury, Owner of ShredPro Secure

I must see a dozen or more messages, advertisements, and news stories a day about individuals and families who have had their financial information and even their identities stolen. As recent headlines indicate, even major corporations, including Target, JP Morgan, and Home Depot, are vulnerable. Corporations worldwide are now taking unprecedented steps to protect our confidential personal, medical, and financial information. However, you are not defenseless; you can take steps to protect your financial information and identity. Protecting businesses, individuals, and their families is the mission of ShredPro Secure.

Founded in 2011 by my late husband, Steve, ShredPro Secure’s mission is to partner with area businesses and individuals by destroying unneeded documents in the most efficient, secure, and cost-effective manner. Improper document disposal can result in not only financial hardship and litigation, but it can also jeopardize one’s personal identity. ShredPro Secure offers the critical shredding services needed to prohibit unscrupulous people from gaining access to your sensitive information.

As a female-owned business serving thousands of East Tennesseans, ShredPro Secure safely destroys sensitive material that could spell disaster in the wrong hands. True to my husband’s legacy, our business continues to thrive because of Steve’s example of honesty, integrity, and work ethic. At ShredPro Secure, clients are people, relationships matter, and our customers speak directly to an owner instead of the voicemail at some corporate office in another state and sometimes even another country.

ShredPro Secure offers its customers service, value and peace of mind:

  • A local female-owned business that reinvests back into our community
  • NAID certified firm with an AAA rating with bonded and background checked employees
  • “On-site” document shredding using the most advanced technology available in the industry
  • An environmentally responsible business that recycles 100% of all waste
  • Customer service and communication with “real” people, not an impersonal, frustrating, automated system
  • One-time “purge” services offered or ongoing, scheduled “auto” service
  • IT destruction plans that include hard drives, phones, thumb drives, x-rays, and other items
  • Community shred days available for promotions and fundraisers
  • Free orientation, employee training, and document disposal programs for healthcare providers to comply with HIPAA mandated guidelines
  • Straight forward, upfront pricing with no hidden surcharge fees

Whether you are a business dealing with the regulatory burdens of HIPPA or FACTA Disposal Rules, a business facing potential liability or damaged reputation from compromised confidential information, or simply a private party seeking to avoid the financial risk or identity theft associated with mishandled documents, our compassionate, caring team of ShredPro Secure professionals can provide the comprehensive approach and effective tools needed to reduce your chance of becoming a victim. Secure your business and identity today by calling the professionals at ShredPro Secure. Tomorrow could be too late!

ShredPro Secure
448 N. Cedar Bluff, Suite 336
Knoxville, TN 37923

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