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No Competition Training and Wellness

“Relearn, retrain, rebuild, and enjoy”

no-competition“No Competition” is a totally unique, 12-week body transformation program created to combine the best of yoga, strength training, cardio conditioning, recovery, and nutritional counseling designed to get the body you want that looks and feels great. Erik Andelman and DeeAnn Bower have teamed up to create the program that is not about competition but about starting with your body exactly as it is and transforming it. This is not a boot camp, although you could rightly call it a “booty and abs camp,” because glutes and abs are the foundation of this program.

What does it do?
No Competition teaches participants the techniques needed to transform their body from the inside out and maintain it for the long run. No Competition first rebuilds the foundational muscle groups of a healthy body: glutes, hips, core, and back. This leads to better posture and form, which lays the groundwork for higher levels of fitness. No Competition retrains the body to move more naturally, easily, efficiently, and powerfully.

Who is it for?
No Competition is for people of all ages who:
» Want a complete program that combines all aspects of fitness.
» Want to transform the way their bodies look and feel.
» May have nagging injuries or back pain that may have been aggravated by exercise in the past.
» Want a program that will accommodate their current level of fitness, not somebody else’s standard.
» Want a supportive group environment that is motivating and intense, without being competitive.
» Want a focus on form, alignment, mobility, posture, and safety.

How does it work?
No Competition uses a wide variety of strength and conditioning techniques to strengthen key areas of the body first: glutes, hips, core, and back. During the process, individuals receive individual attention to identify and correct existing weaknesses, imbalances, and restrictions of mobility. Participants are taught self-care techniques to speed recovery between training sessions. The therapeutic aspects of the program are all built into fast-paced group workouts for conditioning, weight loss, and definition. “A better butt equals a better back!”

No Competition camps run September 8 through November 26. The first 20 people who sign up will receive a $150 discount for the 12-week program. Day and evening classes are available.

About the coaches
Erik Andelman and DeeAnn Bower took very different paths on their journeys toward fitness, although ultimately, each became dissatisfied with the usual approaches to fitness that often focused on appearance at the expense of true health. They came together to create this program that could help people enjoy good health again.

Erik is best known around Knoxville as a yoga teacher and massage therapist. He began incorporating strength training into his work with clients in order to correct weaknesses in movement and posture. Erik has a permanently fractured lumbar vertebrae and a lifetime of athletics-anyways under this condition. His motto is “rehab for life.”

DeeAnn has been in the fitness industry for 15 years. With an athletic background in basketball, personal training was a natural career path. For the last 15 years, DeeAnn has helped men and women of all fitness levels transform their bodies through strength training, diet, and cardio conditioning. DeeAnn believes that doing the basics and doing them well always achieves extraordinary results.

To discover the body you want that looks and feels great, call us today at 865-924-2665. Classes will be held at Johnny Long’s Training Academy, located at 2620 Willow Point Way in Knoxville. Employers will also be excited to learn that No Competition Training and Wellness can bring the gift of health for your employees right to your place of business with on-site classes.

No Competition Training and Wellness
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