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Your Untapped Sales Potential

By Tom Irmen

If you’re a small business owner that finds it necessary to employ salespeople (we call them account executives today), you’re not alone. But hiring and retaining great salespeople can be a challenge. Not that there aren’t great salespeople out there, but they are coveted by their employers who often pay them high salaries and commissions, and a growing number of these superstars have decided to try their hand at self employment for themselves.

But there is even a larger, untapped sales force available to you that will cost you very little and consistently outperform even your greatest superstars. Who am I talking about? Your customers. And all you need to do to unleash this untapped potential is to deliver a product or service that provides a value that’s perceived to be far greater than the price paid.

Sound too simple? It is, but few businesses take advantage of this free and unlimited resource. Why? One reason is that far too many business owners and their salespeople are in hot pursuit of the sale and not the customer experience.

If you sell advertising, instead of focusing on commissions and sales revenue, focus all of your attention on producing results that exceed your clients’ expectations. If you don’t think your client knows the difference, you’re fooling yourself. By focusing entirely on the results that meet or exceed your clients’ expectations, your efforts will lead to referrals, which will lead to new sales. Instead of chasing advertising revenue, you’ll discover that revenue will be chasing you, because revenue growth is the by-product of a successful customer experience and not the reverse.

Put your customers’ expectations ahead of your own, and watch your customers turn into the greatest sales team you’ve ever known.

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