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Struggling with Learning and Behavior Problems?

By Philip K. Axtell, Ph.D., HSP, NCSP

family-psychology-groupSummer is a great time to address these difficulties and give your child the tools they need to be successful in the coming school year. If your child has a learning problem, now is a great time to have an assessment completed to determine the possible cause. With an accurate diagnosis, we can give recommendations and ideas to address the problems before the school year gets started. We see children and adolescents of all ages who are experiencing a multitude of issues including depression, anxiety, ADD/ADHD, behavioral problems, self-esteem issues, trauma, abuse, problems at school, family issues, and family transitions, such as a divorce or remarriage.

For children with behavioral problems, we offer interventions to help not only your child, but also help parents learn ways to address troubling behavioral difficulties. For many, having an accurate diagnosis can give tremendous relief and insight to parents. Once a correct diagnosis is indentified, our licensed therapist, Ms. Paige Keisler, MS, LMFT, is able to provide therapeutic solutions to reduce behavioral problems and give parents tools to address behaviors in constructive and meaningful ways.

Through individual, family, and play therapy, Ms. Keisler works with you and your child to address the behaviors of concern and also empower you as a parent to help facilitate therapeutic change. We view parents as an integral agent of change, and we believe you’re essential to the process. Ms. Keisler uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to help children and families learn new skills and strategies, manage stress, learn relaxation techniques, formulate coping strategies, restructure negative thoughts, and change the once negative interaction cycle to one that’s positive for both you and your child. Parents who have thought there’s no way out can now see they can interact positively with their children again.

Summer is a great time to address learning and behavioral difficulties before the upcoming school year. To schedule an appointment with Ms. Keisler or our assessment specialists, call 865-247-4055 or visit

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