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For Arts Sake!

By Kristi Hickey, Co-Owner of Consign To Design

Consign To DesignWe can help you select just the right furnishings for any room in your home – perhaps an imported rug, a table lamp, and some additional home décor items. But the wall art you select is what helps bring your newly decorated room to life.

At Consign To Design, we feature hundreds of prints, oils, and other pieces of framed art that would make a welcomed addition to many rooms in your home. Many of the pieces we offer are from prominent, well-known artists, including Robert Tino, Ben Hampton, and Jim Gray. In fact, some are signed by the artist and are signed, limited editions.

If you are in the market for art, I’d encourage you to visit us at Consign To Design. Whether you need to add a piece or two or replace an existing piece, we can help. It might also prove to be helpful if you photograph where the proposed piece will be displayed along with the room furnishings. We would be happy to offer our suggestions.

Like our furniture and home décor items, you’re going to love the savings you’ll discover with our art. As you undoubtedly know from experience, art has two costs – the art itself and the cost of the frame. But you’ll find that the cost of the art pieces we offer at Consign To Design, for both the art and frame, is typically far less than the original cost of just the frame itself.

Art is really a timeless treasure. Displayed on walls, and apart from an occasional dusting, framed art looks as good today as it did the day it left the gallery. So for arts sake, if you’re looking for a single art piece or multiple pieces, visit Consign To Design, where you’ll discover great art and even greater prices.

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