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Is It a Cold… Or Could It Be Mold?

By Jeremy Akers, Co-Owner of Mold Drs. USA

Mold Drs. USAPerhaps you or your children can relate to my experience. Having grown up in East Tennessee, I never realized I had such severe allergies. I was always assuming it was a cold. I grew up just outside Knoxville and lived in a split foyer basement home with my parents and siblings until graduating. My bedroom was in the basement, a consistently damp environment with an adjoining laundry room. Needless to say there were several occasions when the washing machine overflowed or leaked, and I can’t forget the two water heater explosions.

My dad, like most homeowners, did what he thought was right – borrow a dehumidifier from a friend and shopvac out all the contaminated water. We realized during a remodel that the wall cavities were mold ridden. I guess this is what triggered my initial interest in fungal contaminated buildings.

Like a young boy observing an astronaut for the first time, I became interested in learning just how fungus and mold formed and the potential health risks they represented. My research led to the discovery of the IAQA, now known as the ACAC (American Council on Accredited Certification), a respected industry leader in mold remediation that offers certification to qualified members. After submitting a resume and educational background, members permitted to develop their skills and knowledge, which leads to an accreditation certificate after an extensive examination process. The ACAC is the only board awarded certification, as well as the only HUD approved remediation vendor, and is recognized by the American Lung Association, Council on Scientific Building, and many state legislators as being the leading mold remediation specialists in the nation. Four out of five “mold cleanup” companies have no certificate, diploma, degree, or accountability.

Mold Drs. USA is known to be the best at what we do for our customers. We have the very best training, knowledge, and education in the air quality industry. Since 2005, we have helped many families in the Knoxville area have the peace of mind they deserve. If you think mold might be at the source of your family’s health problems, why not call Mold Drs. USA today?

Mold Drs. USA

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