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What’s in a Name?

By Tom Irmen

Launching a new small business is not for the faint of heart. Risks and challenges abound, and there are seemingly hundreds of questions to answer and decisions to be made. One of the decisions to be made is what to name your new enterprise, and will you incorporate a logo into its design?

I was recently asked by a young entrepreneur to comment on both his company’s name and new logo. The name was fine; in fact, the name he selected was helpful to those hearing it for the first time, which includes just about everybody, understand the nature of his new company and just what goods or services he offers. I find that many new entrepreneurs select names they regard as “cool” but leave many of us guessing just what it is that they offer.

I lean toward simpler, more easily understood names that help potential new customers understand just what it is I do. New customers aren’t necessarily inclined to investigate a new company’s name that doesn’t tell them anything. I’m not saying don’t go for it, but launching a new business is difficult enough without embracing a stealth company name that leaves people guessing. Sure, you can point to the names of high profile tech companies that have recently emerged from successful IPOs, but they’re the exception. I’d say target success and then change your name after the IPO.

Oh, but that logo. Artistically his new logo was amazing. It included some type of superhero character that has, quite frankly, nothing at all to do with the product or service his company offers. I found the logo confusing, leaving me wondering just how others would interpret a design he appears to have fallen head over heels for.

My recommendation is a simple one: Keep it simple. Unless you have unlimited resources to overcome obscurity, I’d recommend using your new company’s name and logo to help facilitate people’s understanding of your new venture.

Here are some names I like:
• Consign To Design
• Clinton Glass
• Granite Transformations
• Superior Carpet & Rug Cleaning
• Synergy Auto Wash

Make your new company’s name and logo work for you and not against you.

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