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Heritage Termite & Pest Service

You and Your Home Are on the Menu

It’s been a long, cold winter, but with warmer weather approaching, hibernating insects with huge appetites will be adding your home, and you, to their menu. Termites, with a winter-sized hunger, prefer to dine on your home, while an army of ants can’t wait to forage in your kitchen. As for mosquitoes, you’re tops on the menu.

Each year in the United States, termites cause more damage to our homes and business than fire, hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods combined. They’re tough, determined, and highly efficient. They are usually not detected by homeowners until they swarm in early spring. By then they have usually done some degree of damage. Protect your home with a Termidor Termite Treatment.

Ants are very social and the most abundant insect infesting our homes and yards. In most cases, ants are merely a nuisance, but some species can cause damage. Damage includes contaminating food, destroying seeds and plants, and, in the case of carpenter ants, possible structure damage to homes. Fire ants are also fast becoming more common and can produce a painful sting and injuries that are sometimes fatal. Monthly and quarterly pest control is available.

Mosquitoes not only ruin a relaxing evening on the patio or a cookout in the yard, but they also harbor viruses and may readily pass them on to your family and pets. Monthly mosquito control is available April through October.

It’s spring in East Tennessee, and Heritage Termite & Pest Service knows… what’s bugging you! Locally owned and operated, Heritage Termite & Pest Service is a full-service termite and pest control company serving the East Tennessee community since 1991. To schedule your free inspection, call 865-525-8900 or visit

Heritage Termite & Pest Service

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