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What Type of Driving Machine Do You Own?

By Janis Berry, Co-Owner of Eurotech Knoxville

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt just goes to prove my point that Europeans, particularly the Germans, view their automobiles, vehicles, cars – whatever you call what’s occupying your garage – so much differently than we do that they refer to them as driving machines. To most Americans, an automobile is merely transportation. To a German, it’s a love affair. They view their driving machines as precision instruments that, when properly maintained, will last for decades.

At Eurotech Knoxville, we share the Europeans’ enthusiasm for their driving machine. Eurotech Knoxville was founded by my husband, Rick Berry, and me with the single goal of providing area residents who own European driving machines an unprecedented level of automotive service that you’re not likely to experience elsewhere and at a price lower than that charged by the dealers. At Eurotech Knoxville, we’ve combined our nearly three decades of European luxury car service with our passion for these precision driving machines that we share with our satisfied clients.

But, the difference doesn’t end there. At Eurotech Knoxville, you’ll discover a state-of-the-art service facility modeled after those in Europe and a service level that is sure to exceed your expectations. As an Audi Master Guild Technician, an accomplishment achieved by only a small number of technicians nationwide, and more than two decades of experience at Harper Porsche Audi, Rick and his team of enthusiastic, experienced, and dedicated technicians will provide you with a service experience you may have thought no longer existed.

Start treating your European luxury car like the driving machine it was designed to be. To learn more, call us at 865-693-8911 or visit

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