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Sequoyah Dental Arts

We’ll change the way you feel about going to the dentist
By Pablo Foncea, DMD

Sequoyah Dental ArtsDental care providers often have two unique views of their profession. Many view their chosen career fields from a purely technical perspective; others, like myself, as an art form.

Even before I had chosen dentistry as my life’s career, my passion as an artist, which began in my early childhood, was already influencing not only my future in the dental arts, but my entire perspective as well. To me, dentistry represents the opportunity to transform the way most people feel about going to the dentist.

Our dental care team is committed to providing each patient with the quality of care and experience that earns both their trust and respect. Our practice is also highly interactive, where we engage each of our patients so we can provide the type and level of experience that’s right for them.

That means that for those who may not have visited a dental care professional as often as recommended, there is no judgment. What you’ll experience instead is an uncommon level of understanding from committed, caring, and compassionate dental care professionals whose combined goal is to help you achieve the results you desire and deserve.

Our unique perspective on dentistry as an art can also be experienced firsthand by the professional building that houses our practice. Not a cold and impersonal brick and mortar facade, Sequoyah Dental Arts is housed in a vintage 1930s home in historic Sequoyah Hills, which again reflects my passion for the arts, as well as our unique perspective on dentistry. Visitors are greeted by rich hardwood floors and large French design-inspired windows that provide a serene and comfortable home-like experience. You will also enjoy the numerous photographs I’ve taken of our many satisfied patients and their new smiles.

But, most importantly, our practice is about changing people’s lives. It’s about providing you with the smile you’ve longed for – the smile that provides you with the increased sense of self-esteem and confidence that each of us deserves.

Just recently we provided one of our patients with dentures that were undetectable. Words cannot describe her reaction when she first saw herself in a mirror. It was very emotional for everyone involved.

This same patient recently told us that she had secured a new position with a company that she was very excited about. She informed us that she would not have received the position without her new smile. Her new smile provided her with the confidence necessary to demonstrate to her new employer the passion she had inside her for her new career.

If you would like to discover for yourself the opportunities that exist for you and your family to experience the high level of comprehensive dental care and the smile you deserve, I would like to personally invite you to tour Sequoyah Dental Arts to meet our amazing dental care team and learn how you, too, can experience our artistic and comprehensive approach to dentistry.

Sequoyah Dental Arts
2719 Kingston Pike
Knoxville, TN 37919

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