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Everywhere and Anywhere

By Tom Irmen

One well-known national media company estimates that individual consumers see between 3,000 and 20,000 marketing messages each and every day. The higher numbers include virtually every form of marketing message – including labels on goods in a grocery store, coupon mailers, you name it – and you may not even notice the majority of the messages directed at you.

Whether you notice these marketing messages or not, it was the intent and the hope of the advertiser that you would. But the simple truth is that the human brain just can’t process 3,000+ messages in a day.

Advertising messages appear everywhere and anywhere – on your supermarket basket, talking fuel pumps, the back of cash register receipts, and, can you believe it, in public restrooms. While we likely all agree that advertisers may seem to have gone too far, having crossed the line by over saturating consumers with so much media noise, the fact remains that each small business owner still needs to communicate their unique marketing messages to current and potential new customers.

So what’s the best way to proceed? Answer these three questions and you’ll know.

First, what’s your message? I’ve been surprised of late to discover just how many small business owners cannot articulate how they differentiate themselves among their competition. If you can’t differentiate yourself, how do you expect your customers to? In the absence of these key differentiators, you’re as generic as scotch tape.

Second, who’s your target audience? Unless you’re selling pizza, don’t answer to everyone. Be specific. Don’t over-reach.

Finally, what is the most efficient and cost-effective advertising platform that will properly frame your unique advertising message and reach your targeted audience?

Here’s where you’ve got to do your homework. Select that platform(s) that helps your targeted customers and potential new clients to gain an appreciation of just what their experience might be if they were to become your client. How will it differ from a competitive experience?

Don’t over-think this. Answer these three questions thoroughly and honestly, and you will build a business that will thrive – and not just survive – well into the future.

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