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Whole Home Water Filtration

By Jamie Foster, Master Plumber

Why are whole home water filtration systems superior to, say, a single source filtration system that you might install in your home’s kitchen? The answer is simple.

The whole home system, as its name implies, removes potentially harmful bacteria, chlorine, sediment, potential harmful chemicals, and corrosion that exists in most public drinking water systems. Single point systems only protect a single source, such as a kitchen or bathroom faucet.

The real question you need to ask yourself is whether or not you need either system, and to answer that question, you need to answer one other question: Is my drinking water safe? That question, unfortunately, is not an easy one to answer, as there really is no definitive criteria for determining whether the water you and your family members ingest through drinking or absorption through your skin is indeed safe.

Standards have been set by various government agencies that suggest levels of bacteria and potentially harmful levels that may be present in drinking water are deemed to be safe. The fact is that no one can state categorically that the existence of any bacteria or chemicals in our water is safe, nor can anyone be certain about the potential long-term health risks associated with their ingestion over time.
‚Ä®Basically, it’s up to you to determine what risks you’re willing to assume. But know that the cost of protecting your family’s drinking water is likely far more affordable than you might have imagined.

Ready to learn more? The next step is simple – call My Plumber. We’re certified plumbers, not technicians. We’re experts that can diagnose and recommend viable, cost-effective solutions to your family’s drinking water quality concerns.

For a no cost, no obligation consultation, call me today. Whole home water filtration is today’s best solution for pure, healthy drinking water.

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