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Estate Treasures

Transform Estate Coins, Precious Metals, Jewelry, and Antiques into Cash

Estate TreasuresIf you thought Estate Treasures was a unique boutique in Turkey Creek that featured generations-old estate jewelry collections, sterling silver pieces, Native American turquoise/sterling silver, diamond bridal sets, and truly unique and sometimes unusual antiques, you’d be correct. But if you thought that’s all Estate Treasures was, you’d be wrong.

Estate Treasures also purchases estate items including antiques, jewelry, silver plated pieces, precious metals, coins, and coin collections. So whether you have estate items resulting from an individual estate, downsizing, relocation, or empty nesting and it’s time to sell, Estate Treasures offers you the perfect solution for transforming your estate items into cash. Estate Treasures’ more than three decades experience and jeweler provide you with the confidence and trust you deserve in knowing that your items will be fairly appraised and you will receive top dollar for your jewelry, precious metals, antiques, and coins.

If you find it next to impossible to shop for that special someone in your life that seems to have everything, then you’ve never visited Estate Treasures. Discover antique jewelry, contemporary estate jewelry, original oil paintings, and many one-of-a-kind “man-tiques,” which are Estate Treasures’ description of their collection of antiques that appeal to a more masculine audience.

You’ll also enjoy how all of Estate Treasures’ collections are beautifully displayed in 19th century display showcases that are antiques themselves.

Estate Treasures invites you to visit them at their boutique in Turkey Creek, where you can share their passion for the past, whether you wish to buy, sell, or both. So if you’re looking to transform your antiques, jewelry, precious metals, and coins into cash, experience the confidence and trust you deserve at Estate Treasures.

Estate Treasures
11681 Parkside Drive
Knoxville, TN 37934

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