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European Wax Center

The “Waxperts” Have Arrived in Knoxville

European Wax Center Opens in Turkey Creek

European Wax Center - Nicole Thompson copyWalk in. Strut out. The aestheticians at European Wax Center are the world’s best “waxperts.” They believe waxing isn’t just for the privileged. It’s for everyone who wants gorgeous skin, whenever they desire. Founded in 1975, European Wax Center has finally made its way to Tennessee. The national chain of spa-like boutiques focuses exclusively on hair removal.

Owned and operated by Knoxville native, Nicole Thompson, an aesthetician and former instructor at Tennessee School of Beauty, European Wax Center boasts impeccable treatment rooms and first-class amenities. From a simple brow wax to arms, back, and bikini waxes, the company offers a full range of waxing services for women and men.

“I visited a European Wax Center while on vacation a few years ago and had such a great experience that I was determined to bring the concept to Knoxville,” said Nicole. “Previously, waxing was a service I dreaded because it was pricey and uncomfortable. European Wax Center totally changed the negative feelings I had about waxing. It was easy, painless, and cost about half of what I was accustomed to paying. I knew I had discovered something unique that would appeal to people in Knoxville.”

The secret to European Wax Center’s success is in its proprietary Comfort Wax™. Made in Paris from 100% natural beeswax, it is far gentler on skin than traditional wax. Highly trained aestheticians follow a four-step pre- and post-wax process that goes like this:

  1. Cleanse: Your aesthetician will begin with a calming pre-wax cleanser to remove any makeup, oil, or lotion on the areas to be treated.
  2. Protect: Next, they use a pre-wax oil to ensure the wax only takes hold of pesky hairs and not your skin.
  3. Time to get your wax on: The virtually painless Comfort Wax™ is applied and removed.
  4. Rejuvenate: The last step is all about pampering. Body treatments receive a lovely dose of Ingrown Hair Serum to help prevent bumps, and facial treatments finish with a gentle application of European Wax Center’s Calming Cream. All products are available for sale.

“We feature many incentives to keep our customers coming back,” said Nicole. “From unlimited wax passes to refer-a-friend programs and rewards points, we are extremely focused on customer satisfaction.”

Don’t be shy – we know you have a few more questions

» What’s the difference between a bikini and bikini Brazilian?
When it comes to a bikini wax, the focus is to tame the unruly sides and leave a little or a lot on the front. Think of a bikini wax as “keeping things tidy.” For a bikini Brazilian, you can go completely bare if you dare. They’ll leave a strip or nothing on the front, then remove all the hair on your sides, derriere, and everything in between.

» How long is long enough for my hair to get waxed?
Let the hair grow to about 1/4 inch so the wax can grab the hair.

» I’m one of those super-organized people. Do I need to prepare for my wax?
No, the wax specialists will take care of everything and walk you through the 4 Steps to Gorgeous™ process.

» How long will my wax last?
Usually a wax will last between three to four weeks, but everyone’s rate of re-growth is different.

European Wax Center is located across from the Pinnacle movie theater, next to Bonefish in Turkey Creek. For more information, call 865-671-2846 or visit

European Wax Center
11391 Parkside Drive, Suite 910
Knxoville, TN 37934

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