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Pure Luxe Salon, Spa & Medspa

Pure Luxe copyThis month Everything Knoxville is pleased to feature Pure Luxe Salon, Spa & Medspa. This innovative, new approach spa, launched in 2009, is the creation of Knoxville native and entrepreneur, Rusty Bittle. His goal was to offer area residents an extraordinary destination where people could discover a luxury spa that is typically only experienced when visiting the world’s finest resorts and destination spas. A place that beckons guests looking for somewhere to retreat, relax, and rejuvenate, Pure Luxe offers visitors industry-leading salon, spa, and medical spa services in a state-of-the-art, 9,000 square foot facility featuring a team of the area’s most talented and knowledgeable medical and beauty professionals who are totally committed to enhancing your very own unique, Pure Luxe experience.

EK: Share with our readers just what sets Pure Luxe apart from other area salons, spas, and medical spas.

Pure Luxe: We are Knoxville’s only full-service salon, spa, and medspa, which allows our clients to make only one stop for all of their beauty services. If you receive a relaxing massage, try a shampoo and blowout, after which you walk out feeling and looking great. Stopping in for BOTOX? You’re able to get a manicure too while you’re here. It’s so convenient for our clients, and we love having the option to offer them a full range of services.

EK: Before launching Pure Luxe, your founder, Rusty Bittle, visited world-class salons, spas, and medspas that are typically only found in high-end resorts and destination spas. Why was that so important?

Pure Luxe: Having grown up in this area, Rusty knew that there was nothing like Pure Luxe to serve this community. There wasn’t a place where clients could truly feel like they had entered their own personal retreat, where they could leave their stress at the door and physically and mentally begin to rejuvenate. He wanted his Knoxville neighbors to experience the same luxury and pampering he had experienced around the world, combined with a healthy dose of Southern hospitality and superior customer service that you may have thought no longer existed.

EK: Your 9,000 square foot, state-of-the-art facility no doubt exceeds most people’s expectations. Why is the unique ambiance experienced at Pure Luxe significant to visitors?

Pure Luxe: Most people aren’t expecting this type of luxurious and relaxing ambiance in Knoxville. It’s almost as if you are stepping into another world as soon as you enter through our doors. The peaceful waterfalls, the dimly lit spa hallways, the extraordinary attention to every detail – they all leave a sense of peace and tranquility whether you are here for five minutes or five hours. Even the drive to Hardin Valley is more relaxing than the alternative congestion of Turkey Creek or West Knoxville you’re accustomed to, even though we’re only a few minutes away.

EK: In addition to offering full salon, spa, and medspa services, Pure Luxe’s team of professionals includes three registered nurses and a physician with more than 75 years of combined medical experience. Tell our readers what their roles are at Pure Luxe.

Pure Luxe: Our highly trained RNs perform the majority of our medspa services. They have backgrounds in fields such as dermatology and plastic surgery, in addition to extensive aesthetics training and experience. Dr. Russell, our Medical Director, oversees the medspa and performs some treatments. Our medical team members fully assess your needs and wants in order to recommend a customized treatment plan just for you. One-on-one consultations are always complimentary and provide a great opportunity to ask questions before deciding on a particular service.

EK: Pure Luxe’s expansive medspa offers BOTOX, dermal fillers, laser skin resurfacing, laser hair reduction, and weight loss programs, as well as your latest service, CoolSculpting. First, elaborate a little on your existing services.

Pure Luxe: As mentioned, our team of professionals can develop a full treatment plan that meets each client’s needs and wants. That plan could include anything from BOTOX and dermal filler to laser skin resurfacing, sclerotherapy, and more. It is about achieving your expectations, and our team has the experience to do so. As a bonus, you receive these treatments in our lovely facility, which has the same luxurious feel of our salon and spa. You avoid the sterile environment of a doctor’s office without compromising your safety or results.

EK: I know our readers are excited to learn more about CoolSculpting.

Pure Luxe: We’re excited to offer it, too! CoolSculpting is a non-invasive body contouring treatment that freezes stubborn fat, which is then naturally eliminated from your body. It’s a revolutionary procedure we wish had existed years ago! Men and women of all shapes and sizes are appropriate candidates. There are no needles, no special diets or supplements, and no surgery required to permanently eliminate those areas of fat that have bothered you for years but are resistant to diet and exercise. Best of all, there is no downtime! Our clients and employees have been thoroughly impressed with their results, especially since this is a safe, FDA-cleared treatment that actually does what it says it will do.

EK: What can a client expect when they come in for a CoolSculpting treatment?

Pure Luxe: A CoolSculpting treatment day is very simple. You begin by changing into a comfortable spa robe then relaxing in the Men’s or Women’s Lounge. The nurse then takes you to the CoolSculpting room where you relax on a reclining chair while she assesses your areas of concern and begins the treatment. Since we have two machines and multiple applicators, each treatment takes approximately one hour. Even love handles and other dual-sided areas take one hour instead of two, which maximizes your time with us. During that hour, you can read, answer emails on your iPad, or we’ll dim the lights so you can take a nap. You could even receive your BOTOX treatment! At the end of the hour, you’re able to get up and proceed with your day as usual.

EK: Speaking of BOTOX, Pure Luxe also offers a unique BOTOX club, called Club 90 Ten. Tell us more.

Pure Luxe: Club 90 Ten is an exclusive BOTOX club that helps members stay on a regular treatment schedule. For a minimal annual fee, members receive reduced pricing throughout the year – lower than any other special offers – in addition to member-only perks like discounts on other medspa services. This club has become very popular with our BOTOX clients.

EK: Any final thoughts or comments you would like to share with our readers?

Pure Luxe: Our vision for Pure Luxe is to provide the very best customer service in an environment that can truly be your retreat. All of our team members are well-trained, experienced, and excited to serve you. So whether you are stopping in for a brow wax or spending a full day of pampering with us, we’ll help you escape the stresses of life while providing you a truly enjoyable Pure Luxe experience.

Pure Luxe Salon, Spa & Medspa
10780 Hardin Valley Road
Knoxville, TN 37932

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