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Family Psychology GroupAcademic, learning, and educational difficulties can be caused by a number of conditions and have a profound impact on your child’s learning and behavior. In the classroom, learning difficulties can lead to shame and embarrassment. If it goes untreated, it can cause behavioral difficulties both in the classroom and at home.

It’s estimated that nationally, more than half of 12th graders are below proficient in reading and more than two thirds of 8th graders are below proficient. While learning disabilities can be one cause of poor academic progress, there can be other reasons why your child is not learning or achieving to their ability. At Family Psychology Group, we specialize in the assessment of learning and behavioral difficulties.

A comprehensive assessment can not only identify where there may be a difficulty with your child, but also how best to remediate or treat the difficulties he or she is having. Children with learning difficulties may also benefit from accommodations in the classroom, in college courses, and standardized testing situations. However, schools and professional testing organizations require a complete assessment of learning when considering one’s need for these accommodations.

If you feel your child is having difficulties in any academic area, we can help. Whether your child needs remedial assistance or help with your child maintaining their academic skills, summer is a great time to work on their skills.

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