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Are You Spending Too Much on Formula?

Are you tired of driving all around town looking for the brand of formula or medication you need at the best price? GI for Kids, the premier gastroenterology group in East Tennessee, has developed Allergy 4 Food, an online company that assists people who are having difficulty obtaining nutritional supplements from outside resources. Many of these specialized formulas for children and adults are not sold in stores and can be time-consuming trying to obtain them through your local pharmacy. We offer brand named products ranging from calorie supplements to the most restricted diet supplements needed to treat food allergies. A wide variety of over-the-counter medications are readily available for immediate purchase as well.

Products sold at Allergy 4 Food are appropriate for infants, children, and adults and are manufactured by the world’s leading producers of nutritional supplements and medications. These products are offered at a very competitive price as compared to most major retail chains. We utilize a reputable distributing company that ensures fast and efficient home delivery – right to your door! Orders can be processed quickly, and we accept most major credit cards. With the convenience of ordering from your home, there’s no need to ever drive around searching for formula and medication again!

We look forward to helping you! For updates and ordering information, visit Remember, it is important that you seek advice from your medical doctor or a qualified health care professional regarding questions concerning the conditions or treatment prior to consuming nutritional supplements and medications.

Allergy 4 Food

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