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Why Build a New Home?

By Christine Sparks

Realty ExecutivesLuxe Homes copyBuilding allows you a creative expression of your personality, lifestyle, design, aesthetics, etc. What if you know what you want, but everything you’re drawn to has a big price tag with it? Well, there are two answers to that.

The first response is to do your homework! Start pulling together images of rooms, moldings, floor plans, etc. that resonate with you long before you even intend to build. Make notes on the daily/weekly activities for you and your family. Do you need a wall office or central hub for your children’s school papers, keys, bills to be paid, etc.? Take notes of the things you love about your current residence and the things you would change. Be as detailed as you possibly can.

The second response is to find a builder/realtor team that listens to your needs, finds options that fit your aesthetics, and, when necessary, thinks outside the box so you can have the home of your dreams, but who also keeps you within your budget.

Jenny Blalock with Luxe Homes & Design and I were faced with exactly that challenge. A custom buyer we were working with recently had a specific budget and equally specific requirements. After months of us meeting at various neighborhoods, pouring over lots and topographical elevations, we decided on a lot. We then found a floor plan that was a 90% fit. After a few adjustments, we gave it the stamp of approval and began our build.

The main design of the build was decided upfront, including what rooms would have hardwood, whether there would be a double oven or insert, covered back porch, etc. But, as we moved forward, there were still an innumerable amount of details to nail down.

I know you’re hearing warning sirens! This is exactly why you are afraid to build! However, do not despair. This is where the Luxe Home & Design team shines!

Being on a budget does not eliminate the opportunity for personalized custom features. If you look at the fireplace hearth in the photo, you’d never know that the mantle is a salvaged piece which was painted a cool grey and surrounded with bricks from Jenny’s family’s 100-year-old estate!

Years ago we had a client who was a high-powered corporate kind of guy that traveled the world for business. He fell in love with mid-century modern design elements before Mad Men made it cool. (He is generally three to four years ahead of Knoxville’s design trends.) He came to Jenny with some architectural magazine ads for these sleek modern lights. It’s true that the lights were amazing, but so was the price tag that came with them. Jenny spent weeks scouring the Internet and her local connections… anything and anyone that could help get the lights but without busting through the lighting allowance. She was able to find these amazing mid-century mod lights at about half the cost of the designer version.

Your kitchen backsplash tile is the main focal point of any kitchen, but it’s also a design element that is chosen towards the end of the project where budgets and financing are often strained. The $100 per square foot tile our recent client chose was well outside her budget as it would be for most buyers. To solve this problem, Jenny bought a mold with a similar design and hand cut each tile! This is not only an economical solution, but it turned out amazing! (Truth be told, I’m a little jealous and would love to have this in my own home!) Jenny cut each tile from its mold, sanded, smoothed, hand painted, then sealed. It was a true labor of love.

Isn’t that the kind of building experience everyone dreams of? Don’t wait… contact the Luxe Home & Design building team today!

Jenny Blalock
Luxe Homes & Design

Christine Sparks
Realty Executives & Associates

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