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Synergy Auto Wash

Synergy Auto Wash

Simply East Tennessee’s Best Car Wash

Synergy20Auto20WashWalking into a room full of friends, Brian Davis voiced his dissatisfaction with the car wash he had just visited.

“Half the dirt was still on my vehicle, and, worse yet, the people who hand dried my truck did nothing about it,” he said.

Brian’s friends, having heard him complain about the poor service levels at area auto washes before, offered him a challenge. If he didn’t like the service he was receiving, then start his own car wash. Sort of, put up or shut up.

Brian accepted their challenge and launched Synergy Auto Wash in mid 2012.

EK: So Synergy Auto Wash was in fact launched in response to a challenge from a group of friends?

Brian: That and the simple idea that I like to keep my car clean, and there is no place in town that meets my expectations no matter what package I purchase, and I don’t have time to clean it myself.

EK: So you put your skills as a general contractor to use in converting a former conventional auto wash into Synergy Auto Wash’s all-new wash system?

Brian: Yes, due to having a construction background, I had an initial vision as to what I thought was not only the perfect car wash, but also a beautiful place where people can come and be comfortable.

EK: Synergy Auto Wash still uses the typical “tunnel” that most automobile owners are familiar with. What’s different?

Brian: Although we use a conveyor system like most car washes in the country, initial looks may be deceiving. First off, our conveyor is a state-of-the-art, low profile conveyor that allows us to wash many vehicles that other washes can’t get on their conveyor. Secondly, once you enter our conveyor, you’ll discover what makes Synergy Auto Wash unique. You won’t find all those mitters, side brushes, and wraps spinning down and around the car in front of you. We have replaced all of this equipment with individuals that literally hand wash your vehicle as it makes its way down the conveyor. No equipment comes in contact with your vehicle.

EK: Why is it important that no automated equipment touch your car?

Brian: Since we have no equipment that comes in contact with your vehicle, we can proudly say that we have virtually no damage in our tunnel. Secondly, I can’t imagine anyone feeling comfortable watching mitters, side brushes, and wraps spinning down the vehicle in front of you, removing all their dirt and then immediately coming down the sides of your vehicle as it continues down the tunnel. Or what about that truck bed a few cars in front of you that the mitters reach into and then run up your hood and the top of your vehicle? The dirt and grime from the vehicle ahead of you, which adheres to all of this equipment, can damage your car’s finish. Honestly, when you have the choice to have your car hand washed or machine washed, it’s a no brainer.

EK: Synergy Auto Wash is also a family affair. Explain your mother’s role.

Brian: This has proven to be the best reward after making the decision to open this facility. In this economy, it was a huge risk to open a small business, but who gets to work with their mother day in and day out? Life can be busy sometimes, and we often don’t get the opportunity to spend as much time as we would like with our loved ones. I get the luxury of waking up every day knowing I get to spend most of the day around my mother.

On another note, my mom has become the glue of this business. It is amazing how many people come in just to see her. No matter what day or how busy we are, you will never walk in the lobby and not see a smile on her face. She loves this place so much that even though she loves to travel to Charlotte to see her grandchildren, I generally get a phone call every time: “I miss the car wash… you better not replace me while I’m gone.”

EK: What other services do you offer at Synergy Auto Wash?

Brian: To make things easy for our customers, we’ve initially put together a simple menu. We have four basic washes that range from $8–$24. If you find yourself in need of additional services or you’re in the mood to pamper yourself, we have an A La Carte menu that consists of things such as buff wax, carpet shampoo, clean and condition leather, dash, door panels, and console protectant, and other things to keep your vehicle looking good and protected.

EK: What else would you like our readers to know about Synergy Auto Wash?

Brian: We are building this business on three principles:
1. We offer a full-service wash facility concept that nobody else in the southeast offers, nor can compete with, and we offer it at a price unavailable elsewhere.
2. With the help of our manager, Jimmy Stewart, my mom, Jolene Davis, and myself, we take so much pride in our customer service and guarantee it to be the best in town.
3. We are committed to delivering the best quality wash available. If you aren’t satisfied, then your wash is free.

EK: You said that once someone tried Synergy Auto Wash, you had a customer for life. Why?

Brian: It is amazing to hear all the positive comments day in and day out. We have people that drive from Halls, Maryville, Rockwood, Kingston, Oak Ridge, and Fountain City to take advantage of what we offer. Once we see someone for the first time, it is only a matter of days or weeks before we see them again. We are hand washing vehicles, our customer service is amazing, and I am an owner/operator working as hard and side-by-side by our amazing associates. For these reasons and many more, it is all about people being aware that we are here and their willingness to give us an opportunity to demonstrate just why we believe we are East Tennessee’s best car wash.

EK: Are there any new services you plan on offering in the future?

Brian: Due to the fact that I spent two years researching the car wash industry while traveling to hundreds of car washes across the country, our menu will likely remain unchanged for the present, but we are receptive to adding new services should our customers ask for them.

EK: In closing, is there anything else you would like to add?

Brian: If someone asked me “Why should I try Synergy Auto Wash?” I would say this: We are a family-run, small business that excels in customer service and quality. We hand wash every vehicle in the safest possible environment, and all at a price competitive to our competition. Won’t you give us a try? Protect your investment and your car’s finish.

Synergy Auto Wash
10500 Kingston Pike
Knoxville, TN 37922

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