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Collage-A-Pet Your Pet

By Heather Wolfe Smith

As any pet lover will tell you, our four-legged friends bring us great joy while offering unconditional love and companionship. They become a part of the family!

That’s why I founded Collage-A-Pet. I’ve combined my passion for art with my desire to help people celebrate the important role their furry friend has in their lives, be it today or in a cherished memory. All too often, people have special photos tucked away in boxes or in photo books on the shelf. At Collage-A-Pet, I work with pet owners to create a larger than life, customized portrait of their pet that serves as a loving reminder of their pet and true piece of art.

Those who see Collage-A-Pets in person can’t help but glide their fingers across the textured surface, wondering what it’s made of. The answer is simple: paper! To be more specific, we use high-end exotic fibers from all around the world. We also use woods, metals, ropes, fabrics, paints, ribbons, faux fur, feathers, yarn, glitter, pet toys… anything I think will make each specific collage very special for each pet owner.

Who do you know that would cherish a collage of their pet? Your mom’s cat and best friend as a child, you and your spouse’s first “kid” before children, or perhaps the dog your kids are making memories with today… the list is endless. I’d be honored to help you create your own legacy collage. Learn more about creating your custom pet portrait at!


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