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Tula Boutique

Women in Business: Stacy Pearson & Debbie Reed, Tula Boutique

By Courtney Craig

Stacy Pearson had always dreamed of owning her own boutique, so when her mother, Debbie Reed, proposed they go into business together, Stacy’s answer was an easy one.

“It took me about one second to give her a resounding yes!” she said. “We immediately prepared our business plan and moved forward. That was about six months earlier than our initial plan, but the location was perfect and too good to pass up.”

Stacy and Debbie own Tula Boutique, a new apparel and accessory shop for women of all ages. It’s been open since October 1.

“We specialize in the latest fashions and have no more than two of the same size for any piece,” Stacy said. “This allows women to wear the current fashions and not see the same piece everywhere else. Our accessories will complement not only the styles we carry, but those found in any woman’s closet. We are especially proud of our service and attention to details to each customer. We want their experience to be relaxed and comfortable with no pressure.”

Stacy typically arrives at the store around 7:30 am so she has plenty of time to clean and organize the inventory before the 10 am opening time. During business hours, Stacy and Debbie focus solely on assisting customers and making sure their shopping experiences are enjoyable so they’ll return many times.

“The space is very open and bright, which allows our customers to shop comfortably and take advantage of natural light,” Stacy said.

Stacy says she loves fashion because it’s so personal to each woman.

“We both enjoy meeting and helping people, and Tula is the perfect place to do that,” she said. “Looking good helps anyone feel better, and when you feel better, everyone is a little nicer. My mother and I recognize people can choose to spend their money anywhere, and coming into Tula is an honor to us.”

Stacy says business has been smooth and steady for Tula Boutique so far, and she looks forward to continued success.

“If you have not visited Tula, stop by and give us a look,” she said. “If you are a current customer, come by again.”

Tula Boutique is located at 11655 Parkside Drive in Knoxville. For more information, call 865.671.7677.

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