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Saah Salon Suites

“In business for yourself, but not by yourself”

By Suzanne Saah

As a woman and experienced, licensed cosmetologist, I’ve visited numerous salons over the years, and as an entrepreneur, I’ve always enjoyed interacting with stylists and other salon professionals. Each person I’ve spoken with has shared their personal story and oftentimes their hopes for the future.

Many professionals have shared their hopes of owning their own business in the future. With two out of every three new businesses starting today being launched by women, the hopes of owning their own business is escalating.

The major reasons cited for not starting their own business is usually high startup costs and a lack of marketing expertise. That’s why I created Saah Salon Suites, an upscale, European-inspired salon that offers stylists and other salon professionals the opportunity to achieve their dream of self-employment without all the high startup costs associated with launching a new salon. At Saah Salon Suites, we also combine 25 years of salon experience and the necessary level of marketing support to help you achieve your personal objectives.

Saah Salon Suites is an entirely new concept for salon professionals that offers would-be entrepreneurs the opportunity to be “in business for yourself, but not by yourself.” With minimal startup costs and business support, Saah Salon Suites makes perfect sense for any salon professional wishing to launch their own salon, where they can keep 100% of all revenue earned.

Saah Salon Suites, Knoxville’s premier salon provider located at 8915 George Williams Road, is searching for beauty professionals looking to achieve their own dream of freedom and financial independence that only self-employment offers. We offer stylists and their clients a luxury salon experience, which allows each stylist the opportunity to operate their very own customized salon with personalized products and services.

If you are a stylist or other salon professional that is seeking independence, or if you know someone who is, call me today for a confidential consultation. Available space is limited.

You may just be one phone call away from personal and financial independence. Call 865-705-5234 today!

Saah Salon Suites
8915 George Williams Road
Knoxville, TN 37923

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