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Tailored Living featuring PremierGarage

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A group of friends who had known each other for years, all with different professional skills and strengths, identified a U.S. housing trend that was being underserviced in the East Tennessee area. With the economic downturn a few years ago, instead of moving into new homes, homeowners were choosing to stay in their current homes, but were looking for opportunities to maximize existing living space, renovate garages into more usable space, and get more organized throughout the home, essentially creating more with less.

Dan Morgan, Scott Blazer, Dennis Falls, and Kathryn Norton combined resources to take ownership of Tailored Living and PremierGarage of East Tennessee. While locally owned and operated, the company is part of a national franchise network specializing in the design and installation of closet, garage, home office, and utility spaces. It is also the country’s leading company in garage enhancements, including garage flooring, cabinets, and organizational systems. While the company has the strong support of a national brand, their clear focus is about serving the local community.

EK: What has been your experience as you mix business with friendship? Most often you hear the advice that friends shouldn’t go into business together.

Dan: I guess we’re the exception to the rule. Being friends has really been an asset to the business. We all share the same strong moral values that have helped guide our business, family lives and have provided great support for each other. And with our unique experiences and backgrounds, we challenge each other to think differently as we grow the business.

EK: What makes Tailored Living featuring PremierGarage different from your competitors?

Dan: It’s a combination of several important factors. First, working within any budget, we provide high-quality products that are professionally installed by our own factory-trained employees, not subcontractors, for a full range of in-home organization. Most importantly, we have a sharp focus on customer-centered service. It’s very important to us that our customers receive exactly what they need for their specific situation. When we started Tailored Living, we wanted the foundation of our business to be one that put the customer first.

EK: You recently bought SpaceMakers, a Knoxville-owned supplier of custom-designed cabinetry. Why?

Dan: We brought together two companies that shared a commitment of providing quality, organizational cabinetry. The acquisition helps us provide even greater value to our customers by offering them a wider range of products to choose from, all from a single source. It underscores our ongoing commitment to providing affordable, custom-designed closets and storage areas throughout the home.

EK: Why has there been such a demand for in-home organization?

Kathryn: Homeowners’ need for storage is based on their limited availability of space and the demand for time-saving solutions. For most of us, there are so many more things to organize in our homes than ever before, allowing us to make maximum use of all available space within our homes. Many of the rooms of a house that were once synonymous with “secret” – closets, garages, laundry rooms – are now valuable space as we find solutions for more organization.

EK: When it comes to closets, pantries, or home offices, do you have a design philosophy?

Dennis: Our philosophy is pretty simple: listen to the customer to make sure we design a solution for their specific needs and budget.

EK: It sounds like a collaboration between you and the homeowner?

Dennis: From the very first meeting, our customers are completely engaged. We bring our showroom to a customer’s home and begin laying out a home office, garage storage, or closet with the homeowner sitting right beside us. Our 3D graphic software allows the customer to see their new area before a single item is ordered. In fact, we work with the homeowner to make changes until the design is exactly what they want at a price that fits their budget. This can all be done in the first short consultation.

EK: Moving from inside the house to the garage, what trends are you seeing in the garage?

Dan: People are designing their garages to complement their home. More often than not, the garage is the first room people see before they enter and the last one they see as they leave their homes, so more homeowners are extending the inside of their house to the garage in a seamless transition to serve a dual purpose. Alongside their car, they’re creating hobby/work areas, a man cave, or maybe even a play zone for the kids.  

EK: Most homeowners select inexpensive epoxy coatings to protect their garage floors. What makes your coatings better?

Scott: The do-it-yourself epoxy coatings look great – for about a year. Then you have to refinish the floor to eliminate unsightly marks, blistering, and peeling from tires and abrasions. Our flexible polyurea coating, which comes with a 10-year warranty, cures two times harder than traditional materials, eliminating those unsightly marks. We don’t believe our concrete coating can be matched for its beauty, durability, elegance, and easy-to-clean features. And with 100% UV protection, our garage floor will keep its showroom appearance for many years to come.

EK: What do you enjoy the most about your business?

Dan: We absolutely love working with homeowners and seeing a customer’s face when they see the finished product. Recently we put in a closet for a 100-year-old woman, and when she saw her new closet for the first time, her smile and laughter expressed sheer joy! That’s what our business is all about!

Tailored Living featuring PremierGarage

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