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Your Health is More Than Skin Deep
By Matthew B. Doppelt, D.O., Board Certified Dermatologist

Few of us would dispute the significant role that our body’s skin plays in our overall health, but how many of us are actually aware of just how many functions our skin performs?

Did you know, for instance, that your skin, which is one of your body’s largest organs and is your first line of defense, acts as a barrier to disease, infection, and UV radiation? Your skin also helps regulate body temperature and the loss of essential life sustaining fluids while preventing toxic substances from penetrating to within. And if this were not enough, your skin synthesizes vitamin D and acts as a sensory organ that detects pressure, temperature, and pain.

Without our skin, life simply would not be possible.

Our body’s skin plays another important role in our lives as well, namely our outward appearance. While no one would argue that the health related functions our skin performs are the most critical, there’s no disputing the role that our skin’s appearance plays in our individual lives. From our own sense of self-esteem to how others view us, our skin is truly an amazing organ.

Because of the importance that our body’s skin represents to our health, sense of well-being, outward appearance, and self-esteem, it deserves the skilled and personal medical care that only a highly-trained, compassionate, and caring dermatologist can provide. Whether for the treatment of common skin ailments or the use of specialized therapies and products to help reduce the effects of aging and enhance your personal appearance and self-esteem, I hope that you would agree that it makes perfect sense to seek the advice and treatment of a board certified dermatologist.

If you have questions related to an existing skin condition or if you would like to explore the many leading edge treatments and products available to help you achieve a more youthful appearance, I encourage you to investigate all of the possibilities that await you at Southeastern Dermatology Consultants.

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