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Clarence Brown Theatre

Clarence Brown Theatre Announces 2012-2013 Season

From the Demon Barber of Fleet Street to the Little Prince, the Clarence Brown Theatre at UT Knoxville 2012-2013 season offers something for everyone. The lineup includes:

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

August 30-September 16, 2012

Starring Dale Dickey, directed by Calvin MacLean with musical direction provide by maestro Lucas Richman, the Sondheim musical tells the story of Benjamin Barker, a London barber wrongly transported to an overseas penal colony so a corrupt judge could seduce his young wife. Returning to London after 15 years, he changes his name to Sweeney Todd and joins forces with Mrs. Lovett, the proprietress of the meat pie shop underneath his former tonsorial parlor.

As Sweeney prepares for the moment he can exact his revenge on the judge, Mrs. Lovett puts his murderous rehearsals to good culinary use. Soon the customers begin lining up in droves for Mrs. Lovett’s new, wondrously tasty meat pies while the dregs of London line up for a close shave, compliments of Sweeney Todd.

This production is available as an add-on to season ticket packages.

The Little Prince

October 4-21, 2012

A crash-landed aviator meets a curious little Prince from a house-sized asteroid while stranded in the desert. As the open-hearted little Prince recounts tales of characters he has met in his intergalactic travels, the aviator is reminded of the simple truths people seem to forget as they grow older.

A parable celebrating the wisdom of the innocent, the play is based on one of the most beloved children’s stories of all time.

Will Power!

October 25-November 11, 2012

Bringing the beauty, humor, and drama of his words to life, Will Power! takes you on a journey of discovering (or rediscovering) Shakespeare through scenes, monologues, and songs from his most famous plays.

A Christmas Carol

November 29-December 16, 2012

A new version of the old classic. The Clarence Brown holiday tradition returns – this time with new costumes, a new set, and a new adaptation of the timeless tale of Scrooge’s redemption!


January 31-February 17, 2013

Red takes you into the mind of abstract expressionist, Mark Rothko, and chronicles his two-year struggle to complete the largest and most lucrative commission in the history of modern art – a set of dark red murals for Manhattan’s exclusive Four Seasons restaurant. As Rothko’s young assistant gains the confidence to challenge him, Rothko faces the possibility that his crowning achievement as an artist might also be his artistic undoing.

Set during the changing cultural landscape of the early 1960s, John Logan’s Tony Award-winning play is a snapshot of a brilliant artist at the height of his fame.

A Raisin in the Sun

February 21-March 10, 2013

The first play to portray African American characters, themes, and conflicts in a natural and realistic manner on Broadway, A Raisin in the Sun received the New York Drama Critics’ Circle Award for Best Play of the Year. Playwright Lorraine Hansberry was the youngest playwright, the fifth woman, and the first African American writer to win the award.

Recently widowed, Lena Younger receives a life insurance check and plans to buy a house, freeing her family from the cramped tenement she shares with her two children, daughter-in-law, and grandson in Chicago’s south side. Her son, Walter, has other ideas for the money. In the struggle that ensures one dream will be fulfilled, another deferred. Will the family collapse or will they seize this opportunity to create a better life?

Five Women Wearing the Same Dress

April 4-21, 2013

The perfect “gals night out” play by the Emmy and Oscar winning creator of True Blood, Six Feet Under, and American Beauty.

The nosy, pot-smoking sister. The “ugly” middle school sidekick. The religious cousin. The lesbian future sister-in-law. The friend with the bad reputation. Five reluctant bridesmaids hide out in an upstairs bedroom, trying to avoid the over-the-top reception taking place in the backyard of a Knoxville, Tennessee estate. As the day goes on, these very different women realize they have more in common than they think!

On the Razzle

April 25-May 12, 2013

“If only I could look back on a day when I was fancy free, a real razzle of a day packed with adventure and high jinks, a day to remember…”

When their boss goes out of town for the day, two country grocery store clerks close up shop and “escape” to the big city of Vienna for an adventure they won’t soon forget!

Based on the play that also inspired Hello Dolly, the production is a fast-paced farce complete with slapstick shenanigans, mistaken identities, misdirected orders, and romantic complications all combined with trademark Tom Stoppard wit and wordplay!

For tickets, call 865-974-5161 or visit

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