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Audibel Hearing Aid Centers

A Brighter Future for Those Experiencing Hearing Loss

This month Everything Knoxville is excited to feature its recent interview with area entrepreneur, local Audibel Hearing Aid Centers owner, and in tribute to Father’s Day, the father of three, Joe Simpson. Committed to helping an ever aging population to lead full and productive lives, Joe and his team of compassionate and caring hearing professionals are educating those with hearing loss on the benefits available from today’s revolutionary technologies offered by industry leader Audibel.

In this interview, you will discover not only how far these cutting-edge advancements in hearing aid technology have come, but also about Joe’s own life changing experience that makes him uniquely qualified to both empathize with and meet the special needs of those suffering from hearing loss.

EK: Joe, tell our readers what they may not know about Joseph Simpson.

Joe: I was a really shy kid. We moved around a bunch, and that lent itself to me having difficulty opening up and making friends. The upside was we had an incredibly close family. But in social settings and school, I had a difficult time. Come to find out my hearing loss had a lot to do with that. Once I could hear, a whole new world opened up to me.

EK: As a very active young boy, how did the use of hearing aids impact your life?

Joe: When you miss things in the classroom, cafeteria or playground, you don’t know what the problem is. You just fade into the background and do the best you can. Once I could hear, I began to participate. My self-confidence improved greatly. The isolation of not hearing did not have its hold on me anymore.

EK: What our readers might also be unaware of is that your hearing loss did not prevent you from playing baseball during your college years, a passion which you continue to pursue to this day.

Joe: I believe I became very focused on baseball because it was the one place I felt I really fit in. I didn’t feel sorry for myself. It was the place I felt most comfortable… being on the diamond. I was fortunate to take that love on to college. I still have a team with a great group of guys. We recently finished second in a World Series event.

EK: How has your experience with hearing loss motivated you to help others that share the same challenge?

Joe: I love helping others overcome the challenges that hearing loss brings. My dad and uncle are both Hearing Instrument Specialists, so I guess it may be in my DNA. Relating to and understanding what a granddad means when he says “I can’t hear my baby granddaughter when she calls my name” is of great value to me. My own children know when my “ears” are not on, so I have empathy for those in similar situations.

EK: Why Audibel?

Joe: We are an American owned company providing American made products. Audibel offices are chosen by the manufacturer based upon demonstrated standards of ethics, integrity, and service. We focus on the patient experience. It’s all about what we can do for you.

EK: You recently introduced us to a remarkable couple who have been married for over 60 years and who are clients of yours. How would you describe how their lives have been transformed?

Joe: In their own words, “We would not be able to live our lives without Audibel!” The Irwins are a beautiful couple with several lifetimes’ worth of experiences. It is wonderful getting to be a part of their lives this way.

EK: Joe, what steps would you encourage people to take who suspect they have hearing loss?

Joe: Don’t wait! Your time is way too valuable to miss any part of your life. Most people wait about seven years before seeking help. Please don’t do that to yourself.

EK: How can we encourage a friend or a loved one who we suspect might be experiencing hearing loss to seek treatment?

Joe: Don’t pressure them. Encourage them to have a free, no obligation screening of their hearing at Audibel. I’d also be happy to share with them my own experience, which is often helpful.

EK: In addition to a sense of growing isolation, those with untreated hearing loss can also experience deterioration in their speech. Explain.

Joe: Speech deprivation and the deterioration of your speech are two signs that hearing is interfering with your life. You’re often unable to discern how your own voice sounds and worse, unable to understand what you hear.

EK: Any final thoughts or message for our readers?

Joe: I personally know how difficult it can be to not hear my own children and how frustrating it is for them when I don’t understand what they are saying to me. Hearing is the gateway to understanding, and that understanding leads to our relationships. Ultimately, what do we have in this world but the relationships we build with our loved ones, people we do business with, and people we attend church with? Don’t wait another day. Give yourself the gift of better, more fulfilling relationships with the gift of better hearing.

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