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Aside from being friends and working moms, neither Judy Briody nor Vanita Williamson could’ve imagined that they were one day destined to become business partners. As co-owners of, Judy and Vanita are helping college students enjoy both the convenience and benefits of good nutrition by shopping for and delivering groceries, school supplies, and health and beauty aids right to their dorms and apartments. And because of the growing popularity of, they’ve recently expanded their clients to include downtown residents and businesses, the elderly, homebound, and anyone who is too busy to grocery shop.

As moms with college-aged kids, both women worried about whether their young students were eating as healthy as they had when they were at home. The answer, as you might have imagined, was not always.

“While my son, a University of Tennessee student, understands the value of good nutrition and regular meals, class schedules and other demands of his time often meant missed or poor nutritional alternatives,” said Vanita.

“I was also concerned about my daughter’s safety,” stated Judy. “She would frequently venture out at night to area food stores located in areas I felt might be unsafe.”

Because “need is the mother of invention,” and with good nutrition and convenience as an objective, was launched to serve the needs of college students, downtown residents and businesses, the elderly, homebound, and busy families. couldn’t be simpler. Just visit their website, browse their online store of over 2,000 items, choose a delivery date, and your groceries will be delivered right to your door for free (there is no delivery fee) by a professional and courteous staff member. New customers receive $5 off their first order, and may also participate in their refer-a-friend and loyalty program. is perfect for students or young professionals living away from home for the first time, and it makes a great gift for mom, dad or grandparents who want to help their young adults and grandchildren get off to the very best start in their academic or work careers. is also helpful for the elderly who desire to remain independent, professional couples with hectic work schedules, or anyone who has no time to get to the grocery store.

If you or someone you love could benefit from the convenience of online grocery shopping and home delivery, visit or call 865-441-1034.

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