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Duct Doctor

“Nothing to sneeze at”

Out of sight, out of mind, your home consists of many hundreds of feet of air ducts that were installed during your home’s construction in walls, ceilings, and under your floors. And yes, they require periodic cleaning! In fact, proper air duct cleaning can reduce in-home allergies by as much as 84%, not to mention reducing the amount of time or frequency of dusting and house cleaning.

The truth is that most homeowners ignore their home’s heating, cooling, and air duct systems until there’s a mechanical breakdown. But the facts are that routine duct and HVAC cleaning will not only reduce the potential for premature mechanical breakdown, but can actually help your home’s heating and cooling system operate more efficiently, thereby reducing energy costs.

So who can you trust to affordably, thoroughly, and efficiently clean 100% of both your home’s air duct systems and heating and cooling air handling systems?

With nearly three decades of experience, Duct Doctor is America’s number one air duct cleaning and most trusted name in the industry. Duct Doctor’s proprietary truck-powered vacuum is up to 40 times more powerful than competitive rotary-brush systems that can actually damage your heating and cooling system.

Duct Doctor’s highly trained technicians are Air System Cleaning Specialists who are uniformed for peace of mind and safety. Their technicians insert a rigid, non-collapsible vacuum hose into all of your home’s return and supply ducts to dislodge all dirt contaminants and construction debris. Once loosened these same debris and contaminants are safely and efficiently removed outside of the home by Duct Doctor’s powerful truck-powered vacuum.

But be careful, as not all duct cleaning services are created equal. Why not trust the one company that homeowners have trusted since 1985?

Reduce indoor allergens by up to 84%, improve the efficiency of your home’s heating and cooling system, and reduce your energy bills. Call Duct Doctor today. They’re safe, efficient, and affordable. They’re also nothing to sneeze at!

Duct Doctor

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